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Care-free Enshu Cycling Care-free Enshu Cycling with local guide. ゆるゆる遠州ガイドライド ~ロコサイクリストが案内する自転車旅~

Care-free Enshu Cycling

Care-free Enshu Cycling with local guide [ Yuru-Yuru Enshu Guide Ride ]

ゆるゆる遠州ガイドライド ~ロコサイクリストが案内する自転車旅~

By selecting moderate-shaped land courses, local cycling guide will
guide you around the so-called [ Chu-Tou En area ].
* 5 cities and 1 town means: east and central area of Enshu ( Iwata city,
Fukuroi city, Mori-machi, Kakegawa city, Kikugawa city, Omaezaki city)


[ Yuru-Yuru Enshu Guide Ride ] is a unique guided cycling tour which only people with local
knowledge can plan.
The local guides will selectively reflect their own experience and recommended view-points
into the map, this original course are released in every spring and autumn of the year.
For beginners, guide will introduce the fun of cycling, and for the experienced, something
unique are suggested. Now it’s the enchanting season when you can enjoy this cycling tour
enriched with beautiful view of green-tea field, unique route, and gastronomic experience!


With a assist of cycle guide, it’s safe and care-free !

A plenty of stunning view will never make you feel boring.

The local cyclists will suggest special route for you!


<Yuru Yuru Enshu Cycle Tourism>

<Yuru Yuru Enshu-Guide Ride>

Organizer: Shizuoka Enshu Tourism Network
Department in charge: Kakegawa Tourism Association
主催: 静岡遠州観光ネットワーク 主管: 掛川観光協会
Executive Office 運営事務局
[ADDRESS] Concept Co., Ltd. 1F 5-10 Shirosita , Kakegawa-city,Shizuoka prefecture
静岡県掛川市城下 5-10 1F コンセプト株式会社内
[TEL] +81(0)537-22-0654

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