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VELTEX SHIZUOKA ベルテックス静岡 Let our place become the most fascinating sports town in Japan! スポーツで日本一ワクワクする街へ



Vertex Shizuoka has been conducting mini-basketball clinic led by coaches and players for students.

It also participates in the city’s official events and local community’s public relations. By following the club’s philosophy [ enrich people, enrich the town], Veltex is striving to make the town become [ the most fascinating town in Japan ] through the exchanges with local people and other sport events.






Growing to become No.1 in Japan


Ayumu Osawa
PG, Captain

There are many ways to enjoy watching basketball, since you can either focus on individual technical play or watch its team play, meanwhile enjoying the entertainment as if you are one of the players to participate in the real game. In order to promote Veltex Shizuoka to wide range of people including children to aged people, and also as a part of SDGs campaign, Veltex often make their visit to primary and secondary schools to hold a basketball clinic to teach practice skills and ways of approaching tactics.  They also visit nursing carehouse to communicate with residents and have a close communication to dedicate to the enrichment of the local community. I also constantly study and keep my balanced diet in order to get ready for the coming season, and in the future, we are aiming to become No.1 team in Japan.



Veltex. Kawai


Takuro Kawai
PG, Playing Doctor



Currently, I am very satisfied being a team’s doctor or as one of the active players member to stay close with. By being so, I am able to have new viewpoints of what other  members are in need, or necessary things to do for the team.etc. This is a valuable position of being a playing doctor.  

As an orthopedist I am in charge of sport orthopedics in Shizuoka rheumatic orthopedic rehabilitation hospital, and being a player also makes me have a good knowledge of different aspect to make a proper medical judgement to input. Through the experience that I gained in Veltex Shizuoka, I’d like to promote my method locally, hoping to contribute to more patient’s health and grow the position of Shizuoka sports medicals into major. Of course, I will keep working hard to dedicate to our team’s winning.




Veltex Kawai 

For ALL Happiness and Smiles


By being a community’s center of medical and nursing care, we are dedicating to our community to support people’s health and a sport promotion.


Good Meal For ALL Sports Lovers 



Aiming for the No,1 team in Japan, athletes of Veltex are striving to build their perfect physical condition under the sport nutritionist’s supervision as well as the advices from doctors and physiotherapists.

[ Vel-meshi ]( Veltex-meal ) is a result of creation through the diet management study for professional athletes, and its project has been spread to all sport fans.













With our slogan [ Rehabilitation for the power of living ], R&O rehabilitation medical group encourages people to realize the jubilant of living through the programs of [ physical self-support &  freedom of spirits ].

For this, we strengthen our group alliance and intelligence sharing, cooperation of acute hospital, local medical & nursing-care services, or improvement of maintenance rehabilitation care.

Also, we work positively to make a social commitment and join the international exchange programs etc, in order to dedicate to  local community revitalization and people’s well-being.







R&O Medical corporation

〒420-0823 静岡市葵区春日2-12-25 静清リハビリテーション病院2F

TEL: +81 (0)  546-53-2333

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