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  2. Ultimate healing experience with hot spring 自然の中の究極の癒しスポット 川根本町

Ultimate healing experience with hot spring 自然の中の究極の癒しスポット 川根本町 自然の中の究極の癒しスポット 川根本町

Ultimate healing experience with hot spring  自然の中の究極の癒しスポット 川根本町


An ultimate healing spot in the nature – Kawane Honcho (川根本町)


Popular hot springs such as Sumatakyo-onsen, Sessokyo-onsen…being nestled among the vast nature with the river Ō-yi and the South Alps, Kawane Honcho is the true repository of wellness. Green shower road in Sumatakyo-onsen, is an ideal hour-walking course to explore its forest beauty. You may possibly feel the power of nature, rejuvenating both body and soul while walking down the nature trail.


In Kawane-Honcho, there are plenty of experiences which would take you away from an ordinary life. Try Yoga & healthy exercise programs, paddle a canoe and taste local green-tea. Farmhouse accommodation and experience with farm works. Do not miss the abundance of local food delights.

Sumatakyo-onsen is well-known for its sulfur spring that helps skin rejuvenation. In Kyu-mu-sou, a ryokan which is located near the entrance of “ Bridge of Dream” (“Yume no Tsuri-bashi” ), you will be able to indulge yourself with 100% free-flowing pure hot spring water and the delightful local dining experience. This is an ultimate healing spot.








Kawanehoncho Town Development Tourism Association


1216-21, Senzu, Kawanehoncho, Haibara-gun


[OPEN] 08:15-17:15

[TEL] +81 (0) 547-59-2746


Kyu-mu sou

Sumatakyo-Onsen 389-1, Senzu, 

Kawanehoncho, Haibara-gun
榛原郡川根本町千頭389−1 (寸又峡温泉)

[OPEN] 06:00-9:00, 16:00-21:00

[CLOSE] Irregular: please call

[TEL] +81(0) 547-59-2311




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