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T(tea)ー1Grand-Prix in Shizuoka 初のオンライン開催! 目指せ! お茶のプロエッショナル

T(tea)ー1Grand-Prix in Shizuoka 初のオンライン開催!




 T-1グランプリ in 静岡市

Winning the title of  TEA PROFESSIONAL !

T( tea ) -1 GRAND-PRIX in Shizuoka city to be held online 



20212月、静岡市内の小学36年生がお茶の総合的な知識を競う「T (tea) -1 グランプリ」in 静岡市は、何と他県に先駆けてオンラインで選手権を開催します!

*申込み受付は既に終了しました。The application was closed.

This is the first-time challenge for the organizer of the ” T( tea) -1 Grand-Prix ” ( a competition of junior tea professionals held in Shizuoka city )  to prepare the event online, with non- on site  gathering, non- face-to-face tasting of green-tea.  And so far, no similar events are held outside Shizuoka prefecture this year due to the impact of COVID-19 .

Every year, this unique annual competition invites local primary school students aged between 8-12 in Shizuoka city for participation, and many  young boys and girls who like drinking Japanese green tea ( also ambitious for the gorgeous prize, ) compete their knowledge and a tea -brewing skill in a surprising high level.



*申し込み受付は既に終了しました。The application was closed.










T-1 Grand-Prix was originally launched in Miyazaki prefecture in 2007, it is  a famous place also known for its green tea harvest. The competition has been held continuously in many tea production regions across the nation.

As the people’s general character in central Shizuoka prefecture is known for a moderate and less aggressive attitude. However, we would like to say out loud proudly, which is:  this online tea competition is somehow unprecedented,  and probably no other group has ever organized junior tea challenge competitions ONLINE.   It must be a tough decision for organizers to switch the event venue to a full- online style,  as the competition is widely depending on the sense of tasting, viewing etc. in addition to the requirement of general knowledge of Japanese tea.  At the same time, this is also a popular local event for families to stay familiar with green tea .

In order to win the championship or getting higher scores on  both general knowledge questions or practical skills, challengers visit tea shops and companies in their neighborhood, to ask for their professional advise or useful advises on how to pour green  in an ideal manner.  Therefore, you can imagine how high the required level will be !   The challengers are judged in the categories of  visual sorts of tea, tasting the quality, as well as the proper process of pouring ‘ leaf green tea ‘ by a teapot in front of the judge.

Even though the recent situation was difficult for the organizer to follow the same way to proceed the T-1 grand-prix competition,  they made a brave decision to try a new tool  to keep this annual event going forward, because the young generation is their hope to pass this [ Japanese tea culture ] down to the future. Also, quite a few numbers of young students are looking forward to joining this special event! 



( T-1グランプリ in  静岡2020。これは「外観審査」と呼ばれる、お茶の種類を見た目から当てる審査の様子。)

T-1 Grand-Prix in Shizuoka 2020;  challengers must tell the right kinds of various green tea at the competition hall. 




During the competition of actual tea brewing, challengers had to be judged their skills by ‘ merciless ‘ tea professionals in the quiet, serious ambience.


T-1グランプリ2020年2月、茶市場に集まった挑戦者の皆さんと、ご協力頂いた大勢の方々。 Photo of participants and supporters at Shizuoka tea trading center



As the trial of online T-1 Grand-Prix event is unprecedented one, probably the result is going to be a good example as  a part of alternative ways in a limited occasion, no matter whether it is due to the pandemic reason or other factors.  In fact, this new style of events may become  a useful practice for organizing various events in the future with  a possible network making across non- geological boundaries, and reducing the limit of capacity in some ways.




Event date:  Feb 13 ( Sat ), 2021 

(申し込みは終了しました/ Application closed )


Challengers will receive online Q & A  regarding the history & the knowledge of tea, prior to the next step of the online- practice competition. 

Zoomを使ったオンライン実技競技開催/ Online competition; 13:00-16:00

主催:T-1グランプリ in 静岡市実行委員会


Event organized by: Shizuoka city- T-1 Grand-Prix organizer  association

Supported by: Shizuoka tea merchant business union, Shizuoka  prefectural tea industry youth association, JA Shizuoka, JA Shimizu, Cha no machi concierge, NPO NIHON-CHA instructor association ( Shizuoka ) 





  In Shizuoka city,  members of the organizer mainly consists of the professionals of Japanese tea blenders/distributors from the famous tea distribution district, called CHA MACHI in Shizuoka city.  Do drop off at the website of

to explore the unique history of CHAMACHI.  Walking tour is also available, too.




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