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Have Blissful Moment With Mt.Fuji & Superfine Steak At “Suehiro Fuji” 「銀座スエヒロ」富士山の絶景と絶品ステーキの贅沢なひととき

Have Blissful Moment With Mt.Fuji & Superfine Steak At “Suehiro Fuji”

The English Version Is Above/日本語は下記


Blissful Moment With Mt.Fuji & Superfine Steak

As we know “Tourists’ Favorable Meals in Japan Ranking” marks “Meat” as the 3rd in general!
Do you even know one of the biggest reason to come to Japan from overseas is “Japanese Cuisine” marking the 2nd biggest of the reasons of traveling in Japan?

It shows us how many tourists are interested in looking for good meals!

So here it is, a good our suggestion to having a good meal which betters up your already fantastic trip in Japan!
“Suehiro Fuji” is a branch of a well-known meat restaurant “Ginza Suehiro” in Ginza, Tokyo.

銀座スエヒロ 富士/ Suehiro Fuji

銀座スエヒロ 富士/ Suehiro Fuji

As the restaurant is located on the way up to the top of Mt.Fuji, you can catch a magnificent view of Mt.Fuji during your lunch of superfine steak and fine wine that makes the most of the original taste of their choicest meat, with rice, salad, and grilled vegetables.
And you can cook their appetizing steak on a Mt.Fuji lava plate in your desired way.Here, “eating is traveling”.

Literally, Each bite of soft yet fat meat gives your appetite a blessing, so does each bite of vegetables!
This kind of luxury can only be experienced at “Suehiro Fuji”.
Please visit the restaurant to experience all the luxury of both beauty and fine food.

“Toku Toku Set” below is Suehiro Fuji’s recommendation!
銀座スエヒロ 富士/ Suehiro Fuji

得々セット/ Toku Toku Set

↓”Suehiro Fuji”’s Information Is Following↓

Suehiro Fuji
Address 1138-2 Inogashira, Fujinomiya-city, Shizuoka
Tel +81 0554-52-0933
Open/Period 11:00 – 20:00 (Note: Last Entrance 19:10)
Close Mondays, 3rd Tuesday(Note: No Holidays In August)
Language Japanese, English
Other Parking lots Available







銀座スエヒロ 富士/ Suehiro Fuji

銀座スエヒロ 富士/ Suehiro Fuji

富士の麓の朝霧高原に位置する牛肉料理の名店「銀座スエヒロ」の分店である「銀座スエヒロ 富士」では、富士山の溶岩で作ったプレートを使用。


間近に見える美しい富士山に、特選肉のおいしさ。この贅沢なひとときは、当店でしかご体験いただけません。ぜひ、「銀座スエヒロ 富士」へお越しください。

↓「銀座スエヒロ 富士」の情報はこちら↓
銀座スエヒロ 富士
住所/開催場所 静岡県富士宮市猪之頭1138-2
Tel +81 0554-52-0933
営業時間/開催期間 11:00 – 20:00 (Note: Last Entrance 19:10)
定休日 毎週月曜日、第三火曜日(8月は無休)
言語 日本語、英語
その他 駐車場40台分あり



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