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Shizuura/Nishiura Cycling 静浦・西浦 サイクリング

Shizuura/Nishiura Cycling

Shizuura/Nishiura 静浦/西浦

Starting from the cycling park and ride “Numazu cycle station Shizuura Higashi”, enjoy a refreshing cycle on the coast whilst viewing the beautiful Surugawan bay and Mt Fuji. There are many bicycle pit stops facilities available for users, so you can ride with peace of mind.

サイクリングのパーク&ライド拠点「NUMAZUサイクルステーション 静浦東」からスタートし、美しい駿河湾や世界一の富士山を眺めながら、気持ち良く海沿いをサイクリング。バイシクルピットという自転車利用者のための施設があちこちにあるので安心して走れます。


NUMAZU Cycle Station Shizuura Higashi 沼津サイクルステーション静浦東

Renovated from a closed school, this cycle station provides cross bike rentals. You can easily call in to enjoy cycling and beginners can also practice at the skill park.




A space where you can practice how to ride, stop and turn. It has also become a practice space for extreme sports such as MTB and BMX since 2020.



CELESTE CAFE & BIKE チェレステカフェ&バイク

Alongside the prefectural route 17, this is a cafe popular among cyclists. Feel free to park your cycle inside the shop to smack your lips over an organic vegetable food!



Yamaya やま弥

A Japanese diner on the road heading to Osezaki. Its menu of fresh fish is not only popular to cyclists but also divers.



The Old Bus ジ・オールドバス

Spend a relaxing time inside the bus with either a coffee or some alcohol whilst enjoying the beautiful view of the sea and Mount Fuji from the window.




Ose Shrine 大瀬神社

A shrine on Cape Ose (1km away from Surugawa bay). Park your bicycle and visit the shrine or go for a stroll.





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