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Flesh! Shizuoka Seafood 静岡の海の幸

Flesh! Shizuoka Seafood

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Shizuoka Seafood 

Pacific ocean enriched by unique current, Shizuoka has several leading fish landing ports that have a privilege to provide high quality Bonito & Tuna fish to our kitchen table. Do not miss the famous Shizuoka’s speciality seafood SAKURA-EBI (prawn), UNAGI (eels), and a good selection of HIMONO (semi-dried fishes).




Heda Honebi Shrimp  

Shipping season: September – May

Head Honebi shrimp from the depths of Suruga Bay, Japan’s deepest bay. They provide an exquisite balance of sweetness and savory flavor. The shrimp meat coloring and texture is wonderful. Because of this, they are most often enjoyed as sashimi. The texture seems to melt instantly in your mouth as it emits a deliciously mellow sweetness throughout the palate.


沼津市戸田/ 出荷時期 |9月~5月



Ohmasu-Akafuji Rainbow Trout

Shipping season: Year-round

A premium rainbow trout brand that boasts the largest production volume in Japan. Akafuji trout raised leisurely in the clear spring water of Mount Fuji is odorless and has a shiny, elegant red hue. These rainbow trout are raised painstakingly until they grow to an extra-large size.



大々鱒 紅富士(おおます あかふじ)

出荷時期 |通年




 Lake Hamana Oysters (Farm-Raised)

Shipping season: Mid November – March

Known for their voluminous amount of oyster meat and a rich flavor, Lake Hamana harvested oysters rival even the famous Seto Inland Sea oysters. With its perfect balance of salt water and fresh water, Lake Hamana provides plump, premium oysters abundant in minerals and rich in nutrition.



出荷時期 |11月中旬~3月




Shizuoka City Raw Sakura Shrimp & Frozen Raw Sakura Shrimp

Shipping season: Late March – Early June and Late October – December (Raw sakura shrimp), Year-round (Frozen raw sakura shrimp)

In Japan, sakura shrimp are only found in Suruga Bay. And with only two harvest seasons per year, they are immensely precious. The entire shrimp, including the shell and entrails, is edible as-is, making this an easy source of calcium and dietary fiber. And since they do not require pre-cooking preparation, they can be used in many different kinds of dishes.






Inatori Kinme

Shipping season: Year-round

Kinmedai (golden eye snapper) has a permanent place in traditional Inatori cuisine. It is often served as a symbol of good fortune in celebrations, and you could even say it is an essential presence at special occasions. They are harvested in a plentiful fishing zone in the Izu area, and can be returned to port and shipped the same day they are caught. The prized level of freshness and the fatty, rich, and savory flavor are absolutely amazing.






Hamamatsu City Enshunada Tiger Pufferfish (Wild-caught)

Shipping season: October – February

Tiger pufferfish are popular in Japan, so much so that 90% are farm-raised and only 10% are wild-caught. 60% of that small population of wild-caught tiger pufferfish are harvested in Enshunada. Each fish is caught individually through long-line fishing and transported live, giving them an amazing freshness and an absolutely superb flavor infused with natural sweetness.





Hamamatsu City Lake Hamana Eel (Live Eel)

Shipping season: Year-round

Lake Hamana is the birthplace of farm-raised eels. It is on the shallow side, with an average depth of 5 meters, and rich levels of nutrients flow in from Tenryu River and Enshunada. Eels raised in their favored temperate climate, in a low-stress environment with plentiful food, are bursting with savory flavor and have less odor.









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