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Shizuoka Local Food “Shizoka Oden 静岡のソウルフード『静岡おでん』

Shizuoka Local Food “Shizoka Oden

<Born in Shizuoka, Shizuoka Local Food, “Shizoka Oden”>

Oden was originally one of the stall food sold during the Edo era.

“Oden” sold all around Japan, is a Japanese one-pot winter dish with ingredients such as konjac, processed fishcakes, daikon(radish), potato and boiled eggs stewed in a light, soy-flavored dashi(broth). On the other hand, Shizoka(Shizuoka) Oden is made with denser soup by using dark soy sauce in the stewing broth and the ingredients are skewered one by one like yakitori.

Shizuoka Oden is eaten with Green Nori powder, dashi-ko(fish powder) and Karashi(Japanese spice).

Residents of Shizuoka have been brought up eating this Shizoka Oden, kids at small snack shops, and adults at Izaka-ya (Japanese pub).

Shizoka(Shizuoka) Oden started in the Taisho era. It is said that at its peak during the 1960s, there were over 100 shops on the main streets of Shizuoka.

Today, Aoba Oden street and Aoba Yoko-cho are popular among local nation and tourists as nostalgic Oden place.

Since every Oden shop has its own recipe and has different tastes, trying various Shizoka Oden and finding your favorite taste is another way to enjoy the soul food of Shizuoka.


Shizoka Oden

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全国に広がる他のおでんとは一味違う、静岡生まれの「しぞーかおでん (静岡おでん) 」は、出汁と醤油から作られた真っ黒なスープの中に、こんにゃく、黒はんぺん、大根、卵など、一本ずつ串に刺さったタネがじっくりと煮込まれています。


今も残る「 青葉おでん街 」「 青葉横丁 」は、昔ながらの屋台の名残を感じさせるおでん街として、地元の人や観光客で賑わっています。お店によって少しずつレシピが異なるため、各店それぞれの味が楽しめるのも魅力。おでん屋さんをはしごして、お気に入りの味を探してみるのもオススメです♪

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