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Shimizu Port looking to Fuji and connecting to the world 今年で開港120周年!世界につながる清水港

Shimizu Port looking to Fuji and connecting to the world
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<Shimizu Port looking to Fuji and connecting to the world.>

Port Of Shimizu designated as one of Japan International Ports, that opened August 4th, 1899, has been in its 120th anniversary in 2019. The port has been designated as an International cruise hub as well. In the Age of Civil Wars, or, so-called “Sengoku Era(1467 – 1568)”, Port Of Shimizu played an important role in military strategies as a relay base for mass transport. In 1899, the port became a treaty port, then foreign trade in Shimizu has begun. As time flew, the amount of Green Tea exported from the port has exceeded the amount from the Yokohama Port. Even so, export items from Shimizu have broadened its variety over the course of time to include Citrus fruits, Cans, Motorcycles, and Instruments. In the early Showa Period(1926 – 1989), a large-scale lumberyard was built in the port, and the port became a hub for timber trades as well. As of now, Port Of Shimizu is the smallest of all the 18 international ports in Japan, however, the amount of trade per area has gone second to first, following the Tokyo Port. Since Port Of Shimizu is easily accessible, the container handling number in the port has been ranked 9th and amount of trade 10th, by which, the port is supporting the local economy. Port of Shimizu is a known hub not only for cargo boats but also for luxury liners. It is scheduled that In the 2019 fiscal year, the port welcomes 35 luxury liners’ stops. More interestingly though, as JAMSTEC’s riser drilling vessel, “CHIKYU” which has the best drilling capability, has been based on the port, Shizuoka-city has grown more and more expectations. Port Of Shimizu will be connecting to the world for the realization of Shizuoka-city functioning as an international marine cultural city in the near future.
清水港/Port Of Shimizu




海の玄関、清水港は1899年8月4日に開港し、今年で120周年を迎えます。 国際海上輸送網の拠点として「国際拠点港湾」に指定され、また国際クルーズの拠点として「国際旅客船拠点形成港湾」にも指定されている清水港。 戦国の時代には軍事上の要衝として、また物資輸送の中継基地として重要な役割を果たし、大きく発展してきました。1899年に清水港は開港場に指定。本格的に近代の海外貿易がスタートしたのです。主な輸出品は緑茶で横浜港を超えるまでになり、以降、柑橘類や缶詰、オートバイ、楽器などの輸出を中心に機能を拡張。昭和初期には大規模な貯木場も完成し、木材の輸入港としても繁栄してきました。 現在では、18ある国際拠点港湾のうち、面積は最小ですが、面積当たりの貿易額は東京港に次いで第2位。交通の便にも恵まれ、コンテナ取扱個数では全国9位、貿易額10位の港として地域経済を支えています。
清水港/Port Of Shimizu


また貨物だけでなく、近年では大型客船の寄港地としても知られるようになり、2019年度は35回の寄港が予定されています。さらに世界最高の掘削能力を持つ地球深部探査船「ちきゅう」の活動拠点として海洋研究にも期待が高まっています。 世界に輝く静岡「国際海洋文化都市」の実現に向かって、清水港はこれからも未来に、そして世界につながっていきます。


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