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Japan’s Culture Of Cherry Blossoms Watching, ‘SAKURA OHANAMI’ 日本の伝統文化、『桜花見』

Japan’s Culture Of Cherry Blossoms Watching, ‘SAKURA OHANAMI’
The English Version Is Above/日本語は下記   [English]

<Japan’s Culture Of Cherry Blossoms Watching>

Sakura or, Cherry Blossom is the National tree of Japan. People can say without a doubt that it is a symbol of Japan spring as well. Kawazu-Sakura is well known as bright pink cherry blossoms blooming at the beginning of February. The Kawazu-zakura festival is usually held between February and March. And many people including tourists from abroad come to enjoy the festival as well. 80% of the cherry blossoms in Japan is the Someiyoshino cherry blossoms, which has light pink color petals, and you might have seen them if you have ever visited the country. [NOTED!] If you are interested in more details about Cherry Blossoms, visit our page about Cherry Blossoms.
桜/Cherry Blossoms 撮影: 静岡編集舎/Shizuoka Editorial Production

桜/Cherry Blossoms
撮影: 静岡編集舎/Shizuoka Editorial Production

It is also said that Hanami or, Cherry Blossoms Watching, started in the Heian era (794 – 1185/1192). The aristocrat made poems ( Haiku in Japanese ) and enjoyed food and Japanese sake. Hanami also started to spread among common citizens and since that It became their culture to enjoy alcohol and food under the cherry blossoms in the Edo era (1603 – 1867). Today, there are many festivals and events to enjoy the cherry blossoms everywhere in Japan. Scenery created by cherry blossoms is one of the best sights in Japan, which is known to everyone from overseas who comes to Japan.   [NOTED!] For Sakura watching wannabes, here’s a map for Sakura watching spots in Shizuoka!   【日本語】


日本の国花である「桜」。そして、春の象徴といえば、「桜」を一番にあげる人は多いのではないでしょうか。特に静岡では、2月上旬から咲き始める、ピンクがあでやかな伊豆の河津桜が有名なところで、2月上旬~3月にかけて開催される河津桜まつりには全国から、そして外国人の方も多く訪れる観光スポットになっています。全国的には日本の桜の約8割がソメイヨシノで、一番多くみられる桜です。 【桜の種類についてのページを作りました。ぜひこちらもご覧ください。】 花見の歴史は古く、平安時代から始まったとされています。桜を愛でながら貴族たちが歌を詠み、宴を楽しみ、江戸時代には庶民も桜の下で酒を酌み交わす花見を楽しむようになりました。 今でも多くの日本人が花見を楽しみ、春のお祭りも多く開催されます。春の桜の美しさは日本が誇れる風景の一つです。 【静岡県の花見マップを作りました。ぜひお花見を楽しんでください♪】
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