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Safety Tips 〜緊急時に役立つ英語の災害情報サイトやアプリをご紹介〜

Safety Tips

Safety tips in Shizuoka  緊急時に役立つ災害情報 

Here are some tips to stay safety and latest information in case of natural disasters for foreign visitors.



Disaster information of Shizuoka-city  静岡市の災害情報

Disaster information of Shizuoka ( Facebook )  静岡県の災害情報



Learn about disaster information

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The information useful for When a disaster strikes and advance preparation.

JST managed by Japan National Tourism Organization ( Twitter )

Providing foreign visitors safety tips and latest information in case of natural disasters.


Safety Information App:防災アプリ

“Safety tips” Tool for obtaining information during disasters

Here are useful information and website that help you to take prompt action in case of disaster as well as usual disaster prevention measures.



Its feature is as below;

  • Provides disaster information by push notification
  • Notify various disaster-related information such as Earthquake warnings, Volcanic eruption warnings, Heat illness warnings etc.
  • Provides useful list of contacts ( embassy, tourist information )
  • Free- download application

Highlight of function:

“Earthquake notification”

Users can check detail of epicenter, epicenter depth, magnitude etc. that are calculated from past earthquake data above intensity level 3.

It is also useful for first time visitors to Japan, as users can recognize both  current location and past datas, enable them to be prepared in case of  emergency.

  • Language option


apanese, English, Korean, Chinese ( simplified/ traditional), Vietnamese, Spanish, Prtuguese, Thai, Indonesian, Tagalog, Nepali…etc


Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese ( simplified/ traditional),

Information users can get:

Earthquake warning

Weather forecasts/ warning

Volcanic warning

Heat illness warning

Evacuation advise,  Evacuation order

Information of evacuation center near user’s location

Civil protection information ( ballistic missile attack etc.)


In case disaster occurs, users can find following information :


  • Medical facilities where foreigners are accepted
  • Necessary action when disaster occurred
  • Useful communication ( questions ) cards expected at times of disaster


「Safety tips」は、観光庁の監修によって開発された災害情報を提供するアプリです。


  • 災害情報はプッシュ通知でお知らせ
  • 地震や噴火、熱中症などさまざまな情報を発信
  • 大使館の連絡先や観光案内所など、災害時に必要なサイトも掲載





  • 日本語
  • 英語
  • 韓国語
  • 中国語(簡体字・繁体字)



  • 地震情報
  • 気象情報
  • 噴火警報
  • 熱中症情報
  • 避難勧告・指示
  • 避難所情報
  • 弾道ミサイルなど国民保護情報


  • 外国人の受け入れに対応している医療機関
  • 災害時に取るべき行動
  • 災害時に想定される質問集(コミュニケーションカード)



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