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Ryousuke Hayakawa, Nasu-no-Hana Muan 仕事人:茄子の花 無庵 早川 亮介さん

Ryousuke Hayakawa, Nasu-no-Hana Muan

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( period: 20th Sep 2019 – 2nd Nov 2019 )


( 期間: 9月20日 2019年- 11月2日 2019年 )


Ryousuke Hayakawa,Nasu-no-Hana Muan
茄子の花 無庵 早川 亮介さん

The Nasubi Group has long been cherished for its chain of Japanese restaurants, which began in Shimizu in Shizuoka. It buys ingredients in a large volume, allowing it to offer even wild-caught fish at reasonable prices. “Wild-caught fish is refreshing and its lightness and oozing flavor is amazing,” says Mr. Hayakawa, the head chef. The restaurant also pays careful attention to the vegetables. Nasubi means “eggplant,” and together with JA Shimizu, the restaurant has spent five years reviving the Orido-nasu, which was a favorite of the Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu. Mr. Hayakawa places importance on the techniques of traditional Japanese cuisine, and is constantly making new creations. Customers can enjoy his Japanese cuisine which adheres closely to the four seasons. This year, Muan celebrates its 20th anniversary. It has counter seats, tables which face the garden, and private rooms, which makes it the perfect place to entertain important guests, or spend time with your family and friends while enjoying delicious cuisine.

On the house: One free cup of Japanese sake (180 ml) or a Japanese teabag gift (5 teabags per pack)

清水生まれの日本料理店「なすびグループ」。一括して大量に食材を仕入れるため、天然の魚もお手頃な 価格で楽しむことができます。「天然の魚はしつこさがなく、淡白さとにじみ出る旨味が素晴らしい」と総料 理長の早川さん。野菜にもこだわり、徳川家康が愛でたという折戸茄子の種を研究機関から取り寄せ、JA しみずと共同で、5年もの月日をかけて復刻させました。茄子は店名でもある野菜だけに喜びもひとしお。 静岡県と浙江省の友好姉妹都市25周年の年には、杭州に中国第一店をオープンし、静岡の魅力を直接 世界へと発信しています。「無庵」にはカウンター席もあれば、庭に面した女性好みのテーブル席、接待向 きのお手洗い付き個室もあり。さまざまな顔を持つ料理店は様々な人たちに愛され続けています。

特典:日本酒 (1合)のサービス or 日本茶ティーバッグのプレゼント(1袋5包入り)

8 Nasu-no-Hana Muan 茄子の花 無庵
[Address] 1-4, showacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city 静岡市葵区昭和町1-4
[Open] Lunch 11:30-14:00 / Dinner 17:00-22:00(until 22:30 on Weekends)
[Tel] +81 054-273-8855 [E-money] Pay Pay [Credit Card] ○ [available] vegetarian

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