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Numazu Cycling 沼津 サイクリング

Numazu Cycling

沼津 Numazu

Numazu is one of Shizuoka’s most prominent port towns. Surugawa bay is the deepest sea in Japan and is famous for its rich fishing grounds. You can experience the taste of fresh fish and seafood at the fish market here.




Numazu Burger 沼津バーガー

A menu rich in ingredients unique to Numazu from the classic deep fried horse mackerel burger (Goto-chi burger), to unique deep-sea fish burgers (Shinkai-gyo burger).




VIEW-O Water Gate with Observatory 水門びゅうお

A 30m tall canal lock that was created to prevent tsunamis from entering. There is an observation deck that can be easily accessed by an elevator.




Senbon Hama Park 千本浜公園

Numazu’s famous park covered in pine forests. The breakwater cycling road is perfect for a light cycle.




MINATO 83 港八十三番地

There’s plenty of food here such as fresh sushi, grilled seafood, donburi and hamburgers that will surely satisfy you. There are nine facilities including “Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium” the only deep sea aquarium in Japan.




Anpan Epi あんぱん専門 恵比

An anpan specialty shop close to Numazu bay. There are 8 different red bean paste types to choose from such as the classic red bean, white bean and even sweet potato.




Numazu Fishmarket Taproom Baird Beer

沼津フィッシュマーケット タップルーム ベアードビール

Having many stores in Tokyo and well known by craft beer lovers, “Baird Beer” was born here. Indulge in a great beer whilst you’re there.




Kamome Maru かもめ丸

A fish restaurant opposite the fish market. Enjoy a variety of choices at a reasonable price such as Ten-don(Tempura Bowl) and a filling fried fish meal.

魚市場の向かいにある魚介料理のお店。 メニューが豊富で天丼やフライ盛り合わせ定食などをリーズナブルな価格でいただける。

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