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Mishima/ Shimizu Cycling 三島・清水町 サイクリング

Mishima/ Shimizu Cycling

Mishima/ Shimizu 三島/清水町

Mt Fuji’s underground water is found in many places in Mishima, thus, giving it the name “the city of waters”. There are many delicacies you can enjoy in Mishima such as Mishima Eels and Mishima croquettes. You can appreciate the many streams in the city whilst cycling. 



Kakita River Park 柿田川公園

Kakita River is a nationally designated natural monument and was born from Mount Fuji’s melted snow over the course of many years. The crystal clear waters will surely take your breath away.



Genbei River 源平川 

Genbe river, which runs through the center of Mishima, has become the city’s symbol. It’s beauty has led to it being used as a filming location for many TV shows. A nice place to have a small break from cycling.





Harenohi Cycle ハレノヒサイクル

A bicycle sharing service that lets you borrow and easily return electrical bicycles at designated stations by simply downloading the app on your smartphone.




A minute walk from Mishima Station’s south exit and easily allows you to take part in many outdoor activities. You can also have a relaxing bath on the top floor’s hot spring facility.




#dilettante cafe ディレッタントカフェ

Enjoy an Italian lunch made with local produce, such as vegetables, fresh fish and seafood cought in Numazu bay, whilst listening to the sound of the river stream.



Unagi Sakuraya うなぎ 桜家

Using a sauce with a secret recipe since establishment, this eel tastes deliciously smokey and tender.



irodori イロドリ

A 90 year old terrace house in Izu Kannami, refurbished into a cake shop. Each cake is created without any compromising in terms of taste or appearance.



Mishima-taisha Shrine 三島大社

Izu’s most famous shrine which Minamoto no Yoritomo visited before winning battle. Many people visit this shrine all year round to bring in good luck for harvests and business.



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