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What is Medi-Chef? メディシェフとは?

What is Medi-Chef?


 Medi-Chef is a coinage, a chef who cooks using knowledge of medicine input.

It is a qualification to train new medical & dietary expert certified by Japan Medical Food Promoted Association.




メディシェフ 和食


Through this course, learners can enhance knowledge of medical treatment, nutrition and cooking in order to become food professionals providing food advise that properly meets inquiries about health, prevention diseases and ongoing diseases. Doctors, nutritionists, chefs…all lecturers are rich in experience to work in front-lines and they provide original programs made from the medical & diet evidence and practical know-how.

There are 3 levels of qualifications: [ Junior ] is for people who learn about healthy food diet, [ Medi-chef ] is for people who want to  learn practical knowledge and recipe development. [ Medi-chef Pro ] is for people who aim to enhance further professional knowledge.



メディシェフ 料理


The activity of Medi-chef varies in many fields. Household wives enrich its knowledge to improve family’s health: Nutrients for a better nutrition guidance: nurses for a medical treatment: registered dietitian for their food education, or restaurants that want to provide healthy diet menus etc.. 

We dream of a new era for everyone can eat healthy foods.

We aim to contribute to extend our healthy lifespan through the promotion of a know-how of delicious & healthy diet foods.







Japan Food Promotion Association 

一般社団法人 ​日本医食促進協会

3-27, Masago-cho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city

〒424-0816 静岡県静岡市清水区真砂町3-27
TEL:+81 (0) 543-66-8785



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