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The English Version Is Above/日本語は下記


FIEJA(フィージャ)with 岩崎製茶さん看板娘「しゅう」ちゃん/FEIJA With Shuu Chan At Iwazaki Tea Brewery

FIEJA (フィージャ) with 岩崎製茶さん看板娘「しゅう」ちゃん  /FIEJA with Shuu Chan at Iwasaki Tea Brewery

<JAPAN FREE TABLOIDS : free guide paper you have always wanted>

“FIEJA” ( Formerly “FINDS”) is a series of Japan free tabloids that is easy-to-read for either non-Japanese  and  Japanese readers , written in bilingual or multilingual ( English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional).

Distribution locations are listed Here.

“FIEJA” is a series of Japan free multilingual tabloids that give readers deep/unknown but worth-to-know tips about Japan. We are the publishing company of the tabloids, based on Shizuoka, Japan in which Mt.Fuji, the highest mountain/UNESCO World Heritage site is located.
The designing has been inspired by English written tabloids, in order to produce more of its sophistication as a locally in-depth media.



FIEJA(フィージャ) with 清水エスパルス「パルちゃん」/FIEJA with PAL Of S-Pulse



『FIEJA フィージャ』とは、日本の良さを世界に発信するために発行されているマルチリンガルフリーペーパー。日本のインバウンド促進のために、日本の文化や歴史、店舗、それから観光スポットなどを、日本語・英語・中国語で紹介していきます。





“FIEJA” ( Formerly “FINDS” ), a series of multi-lingual tabloids is downloadable here. Click the title!










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