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Kentaro Nakamura, TOTOICHI (Fish Specialty Restaurant) 仕事人:魚料理専門 魚魚一 仲村 健太郎さん

Kentaro Nakamura, TOTOICHI (Fish Specialty Restaurant)

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( period: 20th Sep 2019 – 2nd Nov 2019 )


( 期間: 9月20日 2019年- 11月2日 2019年 )


Kentaro Nakamura, TOTOICHI (Fish Specialty Restaurant)
魚料理専門 魚魚一 仲村 健太郎さん

Mr. Nakamura trained as a chef in Japanese restaurants and in top class hotels in Japan and overseas. He also gained experience in a high-quality fish shop, before achieving his long-held dream of opening his own restaurant, TOTOICHI, in 2001. As a fish specialty restaurant, it serves only wild-caught produce, sent in directly from various locations in Japan but centered on the local ports of the Enshunada Sea and Lake Hamana. TOTOICHI’ s specialty is eel sashimi from Lake Hamana. Thinly sliced, it surpasses the beauty of white fish, and has the chewy quality of puffer fish. Its superb taste far surpasses expectations. Mr. Nakamura says, “I got to see just how wonderful Japanese cuisine was from my experience working as a chef overseas. The fish and vegetables from Enshu and Hamamatsu are of a quality that would make any Japanese proud. I would like to give back to the many people who helped me grow by conveying the culture of Hamamatsu to the rest of Japan and to the world.” Every day, Mr. Nakamura is working on ways to boost his beloved Hamamatsu.

On the house: One free recommended item of the day (1 item per group)

国内外の一流ホテルや日本料理店で板前の修行を追えた後、高級鮮魚を扱う魚屋で更に経験を積み、 2001 年「魚魚一」で念願の独立を果たしました。魚料理専門店として、仕入れる魚介は遠州灘や浜 名湖から水揚げする地元漁港を中心に、全国各地から直送されてくる天然のものだけ。「魚魚一」の 名物である「浜名湖うなぎの刺身」は、白身魚をしのぐ美しい薄造りで、ふぐのようにシコシコとした 食感が、想像以上のおいしさです。「海外での板前経験からも、日本料理がどれほど素晴らしいかを 実感しました。遠州・浜松は魚も野菜も全国に誇れるほど質が高い。多くの方に育ててもらった恩返 しに、浜 松の文化を全 国や 海 外に発 信したい」と、愛してやまない浜 松をいかに盛り上げるか日々工 夫を凝らしています。

特典:本日のおすすめ料理 1 品サービス (1 団体 1 品 )

TOTOICHI(Fish SpecialtyRestaurant) 魚料理専門 魚魚一
[Address] Pescebuilding 3F, 318-28 Naka-ku, Sakanamachi, Hamamatsu-city
浜松市中区肴町318-28 ペッシェビル3F
[Open] Lunch11:30~14:00 Dinner 17:00~23:00(L.O.22:00、Drink L.O.22:30)
[Tel] +81 050-3469-6650
[E-money] Pay Pay, LINE Pay, WeChat Pay,ALIPAY etc… [Credit Card] ○
[available] without meat

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