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Yakisoba, Okonimi-yaki, Teppan-yaki; “Jinen-bo” 「じねん坊」富士宮やきそばはもちろん!ふわふわお好み焼、鉄板焼きも♪

Yakisoba, Okonimi-yaki, Teppan-yaki; “Jinen-bo”

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<Yakisoba, Okonimi-yaki, Teppan-yaki For The Hungry; “Jinen-bo”>

After your visit Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha, we would like to recommend you take a brief 5 mins to walk in the west of the main street to “Jinen-bo”, which is a 25 year-olds tatami Teppanyaki restaurant where you can have Yakisoba, Okonomi-yaki, Teppan-yaki out of locally-harvested ingredients.

じねん坊 /Jinen-bo 富士宮 焼きそば

提供:じねん坊 /Jinen-bo

Not only “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” one of the most popular local food, that has been inducted in Japanese local foods championship “B-1 Grand Prix”, but also Fujinomiya’s other local food Okonomiyaki, are definitely unmissable in the site.

There used to be a custom that children on the way back home from school have a small amount of money in the hand and go to eat out Okonomiyaki at snack shops, called “Dagashi-ya”. Dagashi-ya run by a landlady or, “Okami” alone, is rarely seen these days.

お好み焼き 富士宮やきそば 富士山

じねん坊/ Jinen-bo

However, “Konamon ( food made from flour” sense remain deep in the hearts of people in Fujinomiya. Jinen-Bo is located in such a place with such people around.

Jinen-Bo’s most popular recipe is “Jinen-Bo Yaki” with soft texture and yams in it.

And as the amount of rainbow trout from Fujinomiya is the largest of all the country, our recommendation is you have unforgettable bites of “Foil-Wrapped Baked Rainbow Trout”.

That is made by being wrapped in foil and seasoned with salted koji ( i.e. a kind of fungus that is an ingredient vital to brewing sake) from a famous Fujinomiya local sake brewery called “Fuji-nishiki”.

And it is much of an enthusiast to keep on to enjoy a marriage of Fujinishiki or one of the premium-ranked sakes made with only the core of rice and the recipe.

↓Jinen-bo’s Information Is Following↓

Address 4-12 Nishimachi, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka
Tel +81 0544-26-2829

11:00-14:00, 17:00-21:00

(Last order: 30 minutes before closing time)


1. Wednesdays

2. Third Tuesday




< 富士宮やきそばはもちろん。ふわふわお好み焼、鉄板焼きも!>




じねん坊 /Jinen-bo お好み焼き

提供:じねん坊 /Jinen-bo


じねん坊 /Jinen-bo

提供:じねん坊 /Jinen-bo




住所/開催場所 静岡県富士宮市西町4-12
Tel +81 0544-26-2829
営業時間/開催期間 11:00-14:00, 17:00-21:00(それぞれラストオーダー閉店30分前)
定休日 毎週水曜・第三火曜
標識/案内 英語(メニュー、接客)中国語(メニュー)


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