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Izunokuni/ Shuzenji Cycling 伊豆の国・修善寺 サイクリング

Izunokuni/ Shuzenji Cycling

Izunokuni/ Shuzenji 伊豆の国/修善寺

This area is abundant with nature and historical remains. You can easily cycle whilst sightseeing, making this a great choice for beginners.

自然や歴史的遺構などが豊富なエリア。観光しながら気軽にサイクリング を楽しみたいビギナーさんにおすすめ。


Izu Velodrome 伊豆ベロドローム

An indoor circuit set in the sights of Mt.Fuji. It is the same premises as the Japan Cycle Sports Center.

富士山のふもとに位置する室内自転車競技場。 日本サイクルスポーツセンターと同じ敷地内にあります。


Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces 韮山反射炉

Historical remains of a melting furnace made from iron cannons at the end of the Edo period. It is the last existing reverberatory furnace in Japan that was operational and became a World Heritage Site in 2015.





MERIDA X BASE is the world-scale biggest facility for bicycle & exhibition, and is located in Izu peninsula, Japan. It show- cases all ranges of the latest MERIDA bike models. The dis- played bicycles can be rented for an experience, and also the huge facility can be use as a clubhouse for the cyclists.



KONA STAY コナステイ伊豆長岡

Kona Stay Izunagaoka is Japanʼs first resort hotel to offer an eBike tour package. Local people still maintain a traditional lifestyle of appreciating nature. Kona Stay offers many routes for eBikers to choose from so that participants can experience the authenticity of the local lifestyle.



trois truss トロワ トラス

A cafe owned by the gallary. We recomend trying the handmade donuts while drinking a coffee that goes perfectly well with it in this quiet cafe.





Genmai Restaurant ZENNA 玄米レストランぜんな

A restaurant filled with fresh food grown in Izu’s rich environment, such as seafood, organic vegetables and brown rice. Enjoy a healthy and delicious meal here.


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