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Irresistible Sushi selection [ IRI-FUNE SUSHI ] 絶品ネタづくし「入船鮨エスパルスドリームプラザ店」 

Irresistible Sushi selection [ IRI-FUNE SUSHI ]

Irresistible Sushi selection [ IRI-FUNE SUSHI ]

Located at Shimizu Sushi-Food Court in S-Plus Dream Plaza, it is a promising place where guest will be pleased by delicious Sushi and Japanese cuisine. The generous selection of established quality taste and other “a la carte “ dishes are also served.

Best recommended dish [ Seasonal Offer ]  consists of gorgeously assorted selection of seasonal Sashimi. Please enjoy the freshest Sashimi grade as well as its delicate decoration served on each plate… do not miss this experience ! 

Another highlight of this restaurant is its wide selection of Sake. The manager Mr. Kawanabe who holds a title of Sake Quality Connoisseur and  the International Sake Sommelier, recommends guests to experience the paring of even Shochu(焼酎) and wine with Sushi in addition to Sake.

The spirit of satisfying guests at the best possible level, is the key of success that this restaurant has long been beloved by people,  

Come and indulge yourself with a marriage of artisan’s handmade sushi with their selected beverage .


絶品ネタづくし「入船鮨 」 



*Seasonal selection of assorted  Sashimi ( extra special )  ¥5,000 ( tax excluded )
includes:  lobster from Ise-Bay,  Tuna (Chu-toro), snow crab

今が旬のお刺身盛り合わせ 特上盛り 5,000円(税抜)




Sake selection recommended for Sushi

“ Ga Ryu-Bai”  ¥ 1,200 (180 ml )

“ Dassai ”        ¥ 2,000 (180 ml )

“ Hatsukame”  ¥ 2,800 (180 ml )

臥龍梅  1G  1,200円 
獺祭   1G  2,000円
初亀   1G  2,800円

 Most popular! Best selection of Tuna  ¥ 3,000 ( tax excluded )

一番人気!まぐろ特選 3,000円(税抜)

Mr. Kawasumi 

Irifune Sushi S-Pluse Dream Plaza 入船鮨 

[Address] 1F Shimizu sushi lantern 13-15 Irifunechō, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city 
      静岡市清水区入船町13-15 1F 清水すし横丁 

[Open] 11:00-20:00(L.O.20:00)

[Close] Wednesday

[Tel] 054-395-8551 

[E-money 電子マネー] iD / WAON/Apple Pay/ Rakuten Pay/ nanaco / Google Pay/ ALIPAY/

[Credit card クレシットカード] VISA MASTER / JCB / AMEX / 日専連 / 銀聯 

[URL] [Instagram ID] irifunesushi1

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