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Heda Cycling 戸田 サイクリング

Heda Cycling

Heda 戸田

After travelling through the many cliffs in Cape Ose, you will be rewarded with a series of spectacular views from “Cape Mihama “, “Kirameki Hill” and “Cape Deai”. The last stop is at roadside station “Kurura Heda”, where you can relax with a soothing footbath.



Kirameki Hill 煌めきの丘

Named Kirameki (Sparkling) Hills due to the sun’s sparkling reflection on the surface of the sea. The sunset and night time view are popular sights. Also a good spot for a short rest.



Cape Deai 出会い岬

A vast view of Surugawa bay from Toda Port to Mihama Cape. The monument which lets you view Mt Fuji through the hole is a popular photo spot.



Kaniya 食事処かにや

Not only can you enjoy the Japanese spider crab, you can also feast on delicious seafood whilst looking over Heda harbor in this peaceful restaurant.




Uoshige Shokudo 魚重食堂

A restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese spider crabs and delicious deep sea fish all caught in Heda. Enjoy some delicious seasonal sashimi, tempura, and grilled dishes.




Tagore Harbor Hostel タゴールハーバーホステル

A hostel with a bar lounge on the 1st floor, guest rooms on the 2nd , and 3rd floors. There is also a common area where guests can interact with each other, Cyclists are of course welcome to stay here too.



Roadside station Kurura Heda 道の駅 くるら戸田

A roadside station with a hot spring that directly flows from the source “Ichi no Yu” and a footbath. You can buy souvenirs from the Heda area and snacks made from local deep-sea fish.







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