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【Asset No.13 – No.20 Of Mt.Fuji】Mysterious Yet Beautiful Ponds With Histories in “Oshino Hakkai” 【世界遺産『富士山』構成資産No.13 - No.20】冬も夏も絶景が楽しめる『山中湖』

【Asset No.13 – No.20 Of Mt.Fuji】Mysterious Yet Beautiful Ponds With Histories in “Oshino Hakkai”
The English Version Is Above/日本語は下記     [English]【日本語】

<Let’s Hang Out Around Mysterious Yet Beautiful Ponds With Histories in “Oshino Hakkai”>

One of the assets of World Heritage Site, “Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration” is a series of 8 ponds, the series is called “Oshino Hakkai”, where people in the ancient time came to cleanse their body just before climbing up Mt.Fuji to worship. The ponds are respectively called, “Deguchi-ike Pond”, “Obon-ike Pond”, “Sokonashi-ike Pond”, “Choshi-ike Pond”, “Waku-ike Pond”, “Nigori-ike Pond”, “Kagami-ike Pond”, “Shobu-ike Pond”. The 8 Ponds Of “Oshino Hakkai” as one are one of the most spiritually powerful spots in Japan, which certainly characters the state of Mt.Fuji of the subject to worship.  



  【Pond No.1 “Deguchi-ike Pond”/霊場No.1『出口池』】
忍野村 出口池/Deguchi-ike Oshino-mura

出口池 写真提供:忍野村観光協会/Deguchi-ike Pond By Oshino-mura Toursim Bureau

出口池 写真提供:忍野村観光協会/Deguchi-ike Pond By Oshino-mura Tourism Bureau The largest of the 8 ponds is “Deguchi-ike Pond” which is located 20 mins of walking away from the other 7 ponds, so that the scenery around the pond and the trees is so soothing. Also, do not forget about the 400-year-old stone monument inside Degushi-Inari Shrine. Next to the stone monument is flowing water which it is said that worshipers cleansed their body with, just before their climbing.



  【Pond No.2 “Obon-ike Pond”/霊場No.2『御盆池』】
忍野村 御釜池/Okama-ike Oshino-mura

御釜池 写真提供:忍野村観光協会/Okama-ike Pond By Oshino-mura Toursim Bureau

No.2 pond is “Okama-ike Pond”. Which is the smallest of all the others so that you might not notice if you have already passed by it. However, the amount of flowing water in the pond is much, and on the bottom of the pond is the deepest-blue hole that might make you into a mysterious mind.




【Pond No.3 “Sokonuke-ike Pond”/霊場No.3『底抜池』】

忍野村 底抜池/Soko-ike Oshino-mura

底抜池 写真提供:忍野村観光協会/Sokonuke-ike Pond By Oshino-mura Toursim Bureau

Inside the Han Wood Archive is Pond No.3 “Sokonuke-ike Pond”. It feels so open in the land of the archive, and to the further, you arrive at the pond. It is said that the pond remains the same as in the ancient time, the water clarity level is pretty high that you might think of bathing yourself in. And most of all, there is an interesting legend on “Sokonuke-ike Pond”. Things are fallen down into the pond will never be found yet somehow the pond flows them up to the surface in a while. So, towners in the ancient time thought washing their clothes in this pond might cause God’s anger.





  【Pond No.04 “Choshi-ike Pond”/霊場No.4『銚子池』】
忍野村 銚子池/Choshi-ike Oshino-mura

銚子池 写真提供:忍野村観光協会/Choshi-ike Pond By Oshino-mura Toursim Bureau

Then, now on the pond No.04, “Choshi-ike Pond”. Its legend that a married woman threw herself into the pond is too sad to call it a sacred place. However, somehow and surprisingly the place is now considered to be a place for marriage tie.



【Pond No.4 “Waku-ike Pond”/霊場No.5『湧池』】

忍野村 湧池/Waki-ike Oshino-mura

湧池 写真提供:忍野村観光協会/Waki-ike Pond By Oshino-mura Toursim Bureau

The pond that the biggest amount of flowing water of all the others is “Waku-ike Pond”. Its water was used for NASA’s experiments to make clouds in the space. In the clear water of the pond is a 55 meters-long cave and more importantly, the blueness of the water and the greenness of moss make a good contrast which you might forget how much of time passes looking over. Around the pond are lots of restaurants and shops for sightseers since the 8 ponds are a part of the world heritage site as if the time went way back to its most lively moment in history.






【Pond No.6 “Nigori-ike Pond”/霊場No.6『濁池』】

忍野村 濁池/Nigori-ike Oshino-mura

濁池 写真提供:忍野村観光協会/Nigori-ike Pond By Oshino-mura Toursim Bureau

There also is an interesting legend about “Nigori-ike Pond”. A worshiper got rejected his request when he asked a landlord for water, then the water in the pond got muddy. However, the water clarity is fine nowadays.  


    【Pond No.7 “Kagami-ike Pond”/霊場No.7『鏡池』】
忍野村 鏡池/Kagami-ike Oshino-mura

鏡池 写真提供:忍野村観光協会/Kagami-ike Pond By Oshino-mura Toursim Bureau

The muddier pond than others is “Kagami-ike Pond”. Although you might catch a good view of “Upside Down Mt.Fuji” on the surface of the pond under good weather. Hence, “Kagami-ike” which means in Japanese, “Mirror Pond”.


    【Pond No.8 “Shobu-ike Pond”/霊場No.8『菖蒲池』】
忍野村 菖蒲池/Shobu-ike Oshino-mura

菖蒲池 写真提供:忍野村観光協会/Shobu-ike Pond By Oshino-mura Toursim Bureau

The pond No.8 is “Shobu-ike Pond”. “Shobu” is a Japanese word for iris and the pond also has a legend that putting irises bloomed around the pond cured one of illness. In early summer, you can see cute irises, then, also catch a slight upperside view of Mt.Fuji.  


  In and around Mt.Fuji are full of histories and myths that still tell us what was going on back in time. In all of the assets of “Fujisan”, you can find your own surprising experiences, ditto even in Oshino Hakkai. Why not visit them on your own foot? There’s a list of Mt.Fuji’s assets below the Japanese.



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