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【Asset No.1-8 Of Mt.Fuji】Eastern Switzerland, “Lake Shojin” 【世界遺産『富士山』構成資産No.1-8】『精進湖』の東洋のスイスと呼ばれた、日本の絶景

【Asset No.1-8 Of Mt.Fuji】Eastern Switzerland, “Lake Shojin”
The English Version Is Above/日本語は下記   [English]

<Eastern Switzerland, “Lake Shojin”>

One of Mt.Fuji Five Lakes, “Lake Shojin” has been called, “Eastern Switzerland”, for its absolute beauty of nature. More than 100 years ago, a man seeking for superb views around the foot of Mt.Fuji, found “Lake Shojin” attractive and satisfying, then, he introduced the lake to the west as “JAPAN SHOJI”. And in a while, the place became a summer resort famous among westerners. Down to the lakeside, you can catch a breath-taking view of beautiful resonant of Mt.Fuji, Clouds, and Aokigahara-jukai or a vast field around the lake. This beauty is what made westerners come up with its nickname, “Eastern Switzerland” in the end, being reminded of the magnificent nature of Switzerland.   The view unique to the lake is called “Baby Holding Mt.Fuji” as Mt.Fuji looks like holding a smaller mountain in front of it.   And also, fishing and canoeing on the lake are available too, as well as cycling around the lake which is doable yet seeming like a new experience as total nature surrounds you gently while your cycling. There’s a list of Mt.Fuji’s assets below the Japanese. 【日本語】


精進湖/Lake Shojin

精進湖/Lake Shojin

富士五湖の一つである『精進湖』は、その四季折々の景観の美しさから、「東洋のスイス」とも呼ばれています。約100年前、絶景を求め富士山麓を探検した一人の英国人が、精進湖に惹かれました。そして、精進湖を避暑地「JAPAN SHOJI(ジャパン・ショージ)」として海外へ紹介したため、海外でも有名なスポットです。




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