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【Asset No.1-9 Of Mt.Fuji】The Legendary Beauty In “Lake Motosu”! 【世界遺産『富士山』構成資産No.1-9】『本栖湖』伝説の絶景

【Asset No.1-9 Of Mt.Fuji】The Legendary Beauty In “Lake Motosu”!
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<The Legendary Beauty In “Lake Motosu”!>

The famous “Upside Down Mt.Fuji” can be seen on the back of 1,000 yen bill, as the picture of the mountain which was taken around “Lake Motosu” by a photographer, Koyo Okada about 80 years ago, has been thought as a masterpiece of Mt.Fuji. Because of the fact, nowadays many photographers come to take their own masterpiece picture of Mt.Fuji around “Lake Motosu”. In a nutshell, In this day and age, Fuji still inspires lots of artists to do their work up! The water level of the lake is the deepest of all the lakes in Japan. and the lake has the best water clarity in the country as well. For that, the lake has been considered to be a sacred place, then, it surely made Mt.Fuji more divine so that lake was registered as one of the assets of World Heritage Site, “Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration”. You can have an activity of canoeing on the lake, then catch a magnificent view of Mt.Fuji in calmness. There’s a list of Mt.Fuji’s assets below the Japanese.
本栖湖/Motosu Lake

本栖湖/Motosu Lake






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