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【Asset No.13 Of Mt.Fuji】Beauty Spot Of Upside Down Fuji on “Lake Kawaguchi”! 【世界遺産『富士山』構成資産No.13】水面に映る神秘的な逆さ富士を『河口湖』で楽しもう

【Asset No.13 Of Mt.Fuji】Beauty Spot Of Upside Down Fuji on “Lake Kawaguchi”!

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Lake Kawaguchi has been known as a sightseeing site for a long long time. Currently, It got included to be in the list of the assets of World heritage site, “Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration” and became one of the most famous sites in Japan and all over the world.

Lake Kawaguchi is located nearby Mt.Fuji so that you can enjoy the magnificent view of the mountain, as well as the characteristic view of the so-called “Upside Down Fuji”, which totally boots the attractiveness of the world heritage as a whole.


“Upside Down Fuji” or called “Sakasa Fuji” in Japanese, is a beautiful view reflected upon the lake, which might make you think that there is something divine around the lake.
That beauty has made lots of people worship the mountain and the mountain a long-term inspiration to artists for their works.

That is how the mountain has become a reliable place for the Japanese to express their culture, feelings, and point of view, then as well as been considered to be the symbol of Japan.

『逆さ富士』河口湖/”Upside Down Fuji" At Karaguchi Lake

『逆さ富士』河口湖/”Upside Down Fuji” At Karaguchi Lake

Katsushika Hokusai’s world-fame work, “Koshu Misaka suimen” or “Reflection in the Surface of the Water, Misaka, Kai Province” which has a drawing of “Upside Down Fuji” on the lake, has been a certain way for overseas people to know about “Upside Down Fuji” for hundreds of years.

Around Lake Kawaguchi are rare cultural properties, natural monuments, and a spa. Even a solo traveler, a group of friends, a family, and partners can enjoy without tiring of thinking what to do next. So, Lake Kawaguchi has been full of travelers.

And, Lake Kawaguchi is considered to be a good place for Bass fishing, for one thing, that It is said that even beginners can fish at least one fish around the lake.

There’s a list of Mt.Fuji’s assets below the Japanese.







葛飾北斎 甲州三坂水面/Koshu Misaka water surface




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