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【Asset No.1-2 Of Mt.Fuji】The Shortest Way Up To The Summit “Fujinomiya Trail” 【世界遺産『富士山』構成資産No.1-2】山頂までの距離が最も短い!富士宮口登山道

【Asset No.1-2 Of Mt.Fuji】The Shortest Way Up To The Summit “Fujinomiya Trail”

提供: 富士山における適正利用推進協議会/The Council Of Promotion Of Proper Use On Mt.Fuji



<No way to get lost in Fujinomoya Trail!>

“Fujonomiya Trail” starts at Fujinomiya 5th Sta. through the south side of Mt.Fuji up to the summit.
The trail is the second most popular following Yoshida Trail, and it is said that a quarter of all climbers use this trail.






<Things To Know About Fujinomiya Trail!>

1. Out of all the other trails, Fujinomiya Trail starts at the highest altitude so it has the shortest route up to the summit.
2. No way to get lost since there is only one route to get up or back.
3. If under good weather, you can catch a magnificent view of Suruga Bay.
4. Houses to rest are on the way so that you might not have to worry.







<Things To Be Careful Of About “Fujinomiya Trail”>

1. When crowded, It might be hard to get through the crowd. So take enough of your time.
2. Soft sands on the route are few so that it might be hard for children and the elderly to climb.
3. The route is going higher and higher so that you have more risk to get sick in this route than in other routes. Take your time to go up.
4. It is kind of difficult to see the sunlight shadowing the summit since the slope is on the south side of the mountain.








Fujinomiya Trail is the shortest of all the other trails so the length of time to go up to the summit is the shortest. However, just take care of yourself since there are highly dangerous places on the way.
Also, a little mountain beside Mt.Fuji is “Mt.Kenga-mine”, that is closest to the trail.



NOTE: The opening only longs from July through September every year. And there are differences in the time table depending on the trails. Please visit their website.


There’s a list of Mt.Fuji’s assets below the Japanese.

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