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WHAT’s “Fuji no Kuni Craftsman Award” ?? ふじのくに食の都づくり仕事人って?

WHAT’s “Fuji no Kuni Craftsman Award” ??



WHAT’s “Fuji no Kuni Craftsman Award” ??

Shizuoka Prefecture, the “Kingdom”

Shizuoka Prefecture is blessed with a wide array of natural features, like Japan’s highest mountain, Mount Fuji, and its deepest bay, Suruga Bay. This is an environment that produc- es a total of 1,143 diverse, high quality agricultur- al, forestry, and fishery products.

This kind of output makes Shizuoka one of Japan’s top pro- ducing prefectures and a veritable treasure trove of high quality foodstuffs: a “Kingdom of Food.” Using the “location advantage” of this “Kingdom of Food,” we are creating a “Fuji no Kuni Food Culture” that joins together food producers with the cooks who prepare and supply it.

The focus is on providing local food right in the local region itself, and ensuring that the food is simultaneously delicious, fun, and beautiful. The goal is to solidify the area into a “Capital of Food” that will attract people from all around Japan and the world. And, one way we encour- age growth of this “Capital of Food” is by award- ing the “Fuji no Kuni Craftsman Award” to those individuals who contribute to the growth of Shi- zuoka Prefecture agricultural, fishing, and forestry industries and culinary arts by actively utilizing ingredients from Shizuoka Prefecture.

(Total 469 people have been awarded between year 2010-2018.)

静岡県は、日本一高い富士山や日本一深い駿河湾をはじめとする多様な風土に恵まれ、多彩で高品質な農林水産物を生産してい ます。

生産される農林水産物の数は1,143品目と、全国トップクラスを誇り、数・質ともに食材の宝庫、いわば「食材の王国」です。こ の「食材の王国」という「場の力」を活かし、食材の生産者と、これを料理し提供する料理人とを結合させ、地域で取れたものを地域 で、おいしく、楽しく、美しくいただくという“ふじのくに食文化”を創造し、国内外の人々を惹きつけるふじのくに「食の都」づくりを進め ています。

そして、「食の都」づくりの一環として、静岡県産の食材を積極的に活用し、本県の農林水産業や食文化の振興に貢献して いる方々を「ふじのくに食の都づくり仕事人」として表彰しています。(2010年~2018年までに469人が受賞)


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