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Popular French Restaurant; “ninosa”! カジュアルで美味なフレンチレストラン『Restaurant ninosa ( ニノサ )』

Popular French Restaurant; “ninosa”!
The English Version Is Above/日本語は下記   [English]

<What Is French Restaurant “ninosa”?>

A popular French restaurant “ninosa” that has Moved from Shin Street to “Kinema Kan” in Hitoyado-cho, has a variety of appetible menus for reasonable prices. The French-based menus have been made with fusion of many countries’ cuisines and served at enough amount ( or, more than enough ) to fill your appetite!  

<Recommended Menu>

ninosa/Restaurant ninosa

撮影: 静岡編集舎/Shizuoka Editorial Production
レストラン ninosa/Restaurant ninosa

The owner, Mr.Ninomiya’s No.1 recommendation is large-amounted, “Roasted Thyme Lamb”, and the meet is smell-less because of the herb so that any meat lover can get content with the food.  

<Owner’s Words>

Mr.Ninomiya told us “Honestly, I had only passed by Hitoyado-cho before ninosa moved.”. According to him, he was thinking back and forth about whether to move to Hitoyado-cho or not for about 1 year after he got an offer from Mr. Yamanashi, CEO of SOZOSYA whose OMACHI PROJECTS are a series of lingering revitalization plans for Hitoyado-cho, Shizuoka-city. What made his mind up to move is Mr. Yamanashi’s passion for Hitoyado-cho. Then, after his restaurant, ninosa’s move to the town, he found it very lively communicating with other owners in the town. “I hope that Hitoyado-cho is going to get more lively by each shop and restaurant in the town”, said Mr.Ninomiya, describing his expectation about the foreseeable future of the town. ↓French Restaurant; “ninosa”‘s Information Is Following↓
Address SOZOSYA Kinema-kan 1F, 2-5-2 Hitoyado-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka
Tel +81  054-251-3502
  1. 17:00-22:00 (Weekdays)
  2. 12:00-18:30 (Sat, Sun, Public Holidays)
Close 1. Wednesdays 2. Third Tuesday 3. Dec 30th – Jan 6th
Payment Cash Only
Language Japanese
Signs/Guide Japanese
Other Wild Game Meat is available.
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写真の『仔羊のロースト タイム風味』が一番おすすめ。臭みを消す調理を施しているので、羊肉独特の臭みがなくボリューミー。肉好きなら満足していただけます。また、『生うにとニンジンのムース コンソメゼリーがけ』も人気の一品です。


ninosa/Restaurant ninosa

撮影: 静岡編集舎/Shizuoka Editorial Production
レストラン ninosa/Restaurant ninosa



二宮さんの中での人宿町は「通り過ぎるだけの町」だったそうです。移転後、そのイメージが「町にいる人たちが協力しって作りあげる活気のある素敵な町」に変わりました。「ninosaも含む人宿町の店舗が個々に活躍し、山梨社長の『人宿町が盛り上げていきたい』という想いの実現に貢献できればと思います」と、これからの期待を膨らませました。   ↓フレンチレストラン『ninosa』の情報はこちら↓
住所/開催場所 静岡県静岡市葵区人宿町2-5-2 SOZOSYA キネマ館 1F
Tel +81 054-251-3502
  1. 17:00-22:00 (平日)
  2. 12:00-18:30 (土曜、日曜、祝日)
定休日 1. 毎週水曜日 2. 第3木曜日 3. 12月30日〜1月6日
決済方法 現金のみ
言語 日本語
標識/案内 日本語
その他 ジビエメニューあり
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