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Easy ways to stay healthy, get tougher 免疫力を高める:気軽にエクササイズ

Easy ways to stay healthy, get tougher

Non-stop raining makes us feel moody and become lazy in doing anything.   

We hope you will  find some of the following suggestion helpful to stay positive, increase your immune system, and stay healthy!  








1:Easy indoor workouts  適度な運動



You don’t have to take it too seriously. GO EASY.







・First of all, take a deep breath in the bed by stretching your arms up while pulling up the toes towards your head. Feel your core muscle is engaged together.  When exhaling, slowly  lower your toes down to the end. This enables you to feel the diaphragm moves as well.






・顔を洗ったら鏡を見る/ Look at yourself in the mirror








Open your mouth wide and do an oral exercise by pronouncing  Japanese  [ A, E, U, E, O, A, O ] ….slowly for 10 times  to lift up  your loosened facial muscle which has been covered with mask for these days!  



・立ったまま、腕を真っ直ぐ上に伸ばし、息を吸いながら上半身を伸ばす→酸素を体に取り入れます!上半身の筋肉をしっかり伸ばします。↑写真の体勢でも効果的です )

Keep standing, stretching arms straight up, then keep stretching up while inhaling until you are almost touching the sky !  ( The pause of the picture above also works ) This bring more oxygen into your body , also helps stretching upper arms, shoulders, and back muscles as well.


Do sit ups if you have a soft surface. 3 sets x 10-15 times if possible. This is one of the popular exercise that can build up your abdominal muscle, helps reduce the risk of back pain as well.

Be sure to repeat slowly to avoid hurting your back. Lying towards the back slowly while inhaling will engage your core muscle and prevent an injury.

When you are moving back to a sitting position,  Imagine your each joint of your back are curling up  one by one, slowly exhaling while keeping your chin pulled properly..



ゆっくりと 10回 1セットx3セット(できれば)







If you can, follow Japanese RADIO physical exercise  ( Japanese are very familiar with this since their school days)  If you have no idea about what it is, just play your favorite music to make a move! 



・スクワットを30回する (初めは苦しい30回が、日に日に楽に感じられるように。実感を楽しみましょう。 しっかり前を向いて。)

Do squats for 30 times  ( You will soon get excited to find yourself being able to repeat more easily as you continue for a few days) 






You don’t get too serious in sparing too much time to do exercise.  Relax and feel easy to adopt some of the casual stretching exercise into an interval time of your daily routine . Adding new physical exercises into your life would give you a positive feeling and better physical condition as times go by.




In addition, walking is still the easiest and the most effective exercise.

The more often you walk, you will have less cravings for sugar intake, and lower the risk of having a breast cancer and it clearly strengthens your immune system!








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