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Cycle Train&Bus サイクルトレイン&バス

Cycle Train&Bus


Enjoy a cycling trip with a great combination of train and bus rides!



Izukyu-Line Cycle Train 伊豆急線 サイクルトレイン

A convenient service that can take your bicycle on the Izukyu-Line Cycle Train. You can cycle the places you want and the rest travelling by train.

[Valid Area] Izukyu-Line: Minami-Ito Station Izukyu Shimoda Station 

[Note] 1 bicycle per customer. Up to 6 bicycles per train.



Izuhakone Railway Cycle Train 伊豆箱根鉄道サイクルトレイン

You can take your bicycle on the Izuhakone Railway Sunzu Line. Recommended for beginners who haven’t experienced long distance cycling.

[Valid Area] Sunzu Line: Mishima – Shuzenji (Except Mishima-Hirokoji, Baraki and Makinoko)

[Note] 1 bicycle per customer. Up to 6 bicycles per train.



Tokai Bus Cycle Rack Bus 東海バス サイクルラックバス

The Bus has bicycle racks on the bus, making it easy to travel with your bikes that runs a mountain route.

[Valid Area] Amagi Line: Shuzenji Station – Kawazu Station

[Note] Can load 2 bicycles at the front of the bus and 1 bicycle inside.




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