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Shizuoka has been surrounded by fertile nature as it has Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan and Suruga Bay, the deepest bay in the country.
Local Fruits and local food products that are cultivated in the fertile soil, Shizuoka, are surely tasty and high-nutrition.
Kinds of Japanese and western-style confections as well as snacks made in the local, are all mouth-watering with a bite in the mouth.
In this page, we recommend you must-buy Shizuoka local souvenirs and shops where those are on sale.


FIEJA SELECTION is now open! Food FIEJA SELECTION is now open! FIEJA SELECTIONがオープンしました Discover your favorite: Green tea Dining Discover your favorite: Green tea お茶のパラダイス静岡 Shibuki Food Shibuki An old-established Eel restaurant in Kanzanji area. 舘山寺の老舗鰻専門店「志ぶき」   Ethical Store & Plant-based Cafe Ananda Food Ethical Store & Plant-based Cafe Ananda A comfortable setting speciality store. 体と心、地球に優しい食品や生活雑貨を取り扱うセレクトショップ。 COCOUke Shop COCOUke A wide variety of grains, dry fruits, nuts are displayed in the shop. 種類豊富な雑穀米と、ドライフルーツ、ナッツを取り扱うココウーケ。 OHMURA bicycle shop & Armo Cafe Shop OHMURA bicycle shop & Armo Cafe A bicycle shop & cafe in Miho peninsula owned by 6 women. 三保半島にある、女性6名で営む自転車+カフェ。 Oratche Farmland Dining Oratche Farmland 豊かな自然に育まれた農場からの恵みを存分に味わえる農場レストラン Bicycle shop gennoji Shop Bicycle shop gennoji A generous selection of MTB; A Bicycle shop near Mishima Taisha. MTB中心の豊富なラインナップ 三嶋大社近くのバイシクルショップ minzuu-Bike Shop minzuu-Bike With 20 years of MTB experience, shop owner shares his real knowledge with cyclists. MTB歴20年を超える店長が、お客様目線でアドバイス Hamamatsu Pedal Experience Hamamatsu Pedal Friendly for beginners and foreigners A rental cycle shop near JR Hamamatsu station. 初心者や外国人にも対応 JR浜松駅前のレンタサイクル店 Hamanako Cycle Experience Hamanako Cycle Starting point of Hama Ichi route, a rental cycle shop near Lake-Hamana. ハマイチルートの拠点に浜名湖畔のレンタルサイクル店 CELESTE-CAFE & BIKE Shop CELESTE-CAFE & BIKE Cyclist’s favorite cafe at the entrance of Nishi-Izu area. 西伊豆の玄関口にあるサイクリストが集うカフェ
FIEJA FREE MAGAZINE FIEJA Distribution location