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Culture 文化/流行

Mt.Fuji is located in Shizuoka Prefecture so that Shizuoka has for long time been a place for those artists whose artistic works feature the Japan’s highest mountain.
Not only that. Shizuoka is a very large place connecting the west and the east.
You might find many differences during your trip over the prefecture. Culture is different from place to place and, possibly because of that, Shizuoka has been a huge hub for so many artists, of course, the Japanese world-class Ukiyoe Artist, Utagawa Hiroshige included.
Also now Shizuoka has so many artists within and so many events that feature their works.
In this Page, we would like to introduce you some tips about those interesting cultural events in Shizuoka!

歌川広重 『東海道五拾三次之内 由井 薩埵嶺』(丁子屋 蔵)

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