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Shizuoka’s sensational Sparkling Tea, a new release by Benefitea®

Shizuoka’s sensational Sparkling Tea,a new release by Benefitea®
静 岡 茶 から生まれた新 感 覚スパークリングティ

A new release by Benefitea®, this sensational sparkling tea bottled like our familiar ‘ beer’ is definitely non-alcohol.

Not only it matches perfectly  with your meal, but also stands as a unique souvenir of Shizuoka prefecture while renewing our common image of ‘ O-Cha’ .

Cold extraction process that resulted in concentrating the extract of original green tea from several origin in Shizuoka, such as Makino-hara, Shizuoka,and Shimada. Then the extracts are blended with soda into the adequate balance so that the soothing sense remains just like a beer, while signature of 4-different flavors ( Deep-steamed green / Brown-roasted / Smoked black / Beni-Fu-ki breed black ) holds each characteristic aroma and taste in good harmony.

Being given the additional value onto each unique type of Shizuoka tea, this ‘ drink of a new generation’ has become a favorite topic. They will continue their product development in allied with different local tea farmers and manufacturers to expand the business opportunity of Shizuoka’ s green tea.

Benefitea®がプロデュースする、まるでビールのようなボトルに入った新感覚のお茶“スパークリングティ”はもちろんノンアルコール。食事と一 緒に楽しんだり、静岡のお土産にしたり、これまでのお茶の印象を変えてくれます。牧之原市や静岡市、島田市など、静岡県各地の茶葉をコール ドエクストラクション製法®という茶葉原料本来の成分を凝縮したエキスを抽出する方法でお茶エキスをつくり、程よいバランスで炭酸とブレン ド。深蒸し茶やほうじ茶、燻製紅茶、べにふうき茶など、それぞれの味わいと香りを残しながら、のどごしはまるでビールのような感覚を楽しむこ とができます。静岡各地のお茶に付加価値をつけて、新世代の飲み物として話題に。これからも様々な茶農家や製茶会社と連携し、静岡茶の可 能性を拡げてくれます。

Benefitea®的新产品,这种大家熟悉的 ’啤酒’一样瓶装起泡茶,绝对是不含酒精的。 它们不仅可以与您的餐点完美搭配,而且可以作为静冈独特的纪念品。同时,它会改变我 们对绿茶的通常概念。经过冷压取出过程(独自开发技术)著名绿茶生产区(牧之原市,静 冈市,岛田市)的绿茶成分被抽成浓缩液,和汽水精致配合成饮料。四种口味(深蒸茶,烘 培绿

这 ’新一代茶’为每茶叶品种赋予了额外的价值,已成为热门话题。公司打算继续和跟 多茶园和制造商热心开发新产品,以扩大静冈绿茶的商机。


Benefitea 株式会社

[Address]2-11-9 Kasuga, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city
静冈县静冈市葵区春日 2-11-9
[Tel] +81 050-3478-5121


-Akazukin Farm- An Enjoyable FARM with Seasonal Harvest Delight!

An Enjoyable FARM with Seasonal Harvest Delight


A farm with a great variety of seasonal local harvest such as strawberry, melon, watermelon, and sweet potato…welcomes you for hand-picking experience throughout the year. Enjoy the appealing experience that will definitely make your day unforgettable.

小红帽娱乐农产 好好享受季节最佳的收获 草莓,甜 瓜,西瓜,番薯,甘薯。。。在这个农场,每季节有不同 的收获,让您体验摘各种水果或蔬菜。请来看,摸一 摸,尝一尝! 难忘的感动体验机会就在这里等着您。

イチゴをはじめ、メロンやスイカ、さつまいもなど、各 種 の味覚狩りが一年中楽しめる農園。
来て見て触れて味 わって♪ここでしか出来ない感動体験が待っています。


AKAZUKIN FARM 赤ずきんちゃんのおもしろ農園

[ADDRESS] 1456-320 Obuchi, Kakegawa-city, Shizuoka 掛川市大渕1456-320
[TIME] 8:30-18:00
[TEL] +81 0537-48-4158


-Leaf Paradise- Great Shizuoka tea is awaiting for you!

Sending out Shizuoka Tea to the world : Great Shizuoka tea is awaiting for you!


Shizuoka produces various breed of green tea. With a menu of original sweets selection, guest can enjoy having green tea which is prepared carefully by a teapot.

静冈种植了各种各样的绿茶品种,在 Leaf Paradise 客人品尝用情意冲泡的本地绿茶。除了绿茶之外,还提 供与茶搭配美味甜点类。

静岡ではさまざまなお茶の品種が栽培されており、Leaf Paradiseでは急須で丁寧に淹れたお茶をお楽しみいた だけます。お茶に合うスイーツもご用意しております。


Leaf Paradise リーフパラダイス
[ADDRESS] 1-2-8 Komagatadori, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka 静岡市葵区駒形 通1-2-8 [TIME] 11:00-18:30


-Wasabi no Monzen- The oldest WASABI farm in Japan

The oldest WASABI farm in Japan MONZEN WASABI

日本最有历史的芥末农园 芥末“ 门前 ”


Utogi is the origin of Wasabi cultivation and is located on the 800m-above the sea level in Shizuoka city. This family-owned Wasabi farmer has kept its history up to the current 17th generation since 400 years ago.

这是日本最早期的生产芥末农园,在海拔800米的静 冈市有东木地区一向保护着自家芥末园地,代代相传 400年,至今第17代。

わさび発祥の地、標高800mに位置する静岡市有東木(う と う ぎ )で 約 4 0 0 年 1 7 代 に わ た り わ さ び 田 を 守 り 続 け て き た日本最古のわさび農家がここに。








Wasabi no Monzen
[ADDRESS] 691 Utogi, Aoi-ku, Shizuo- ka-city, Shizuoka 静岡市葵区有東木691
[TIME] 8:00-17:00
[CLOSE] Sunday, Holidays
[TEL] +81 054-298-2121


-Strawberry Field- ISHIGAKI Strawberry Picking at KUNOU coastline!

Free-flow ISHIGAKI Strawberry Picking at KUNOU coastline!
久 能 海 岸 沿 岸 的 石 垣 新 鲜 草 莓 可 以 随 便 吃 !



Had been appointed as a purveyor to the Imperial household, this over 100 years-old strawberry farm is inviting your visit to offer the juicy ripped, sweet strawberry for “ all -you- can- eat “ service with no limited time!

这家是创业100多年的老字号草莓采摘园。曾被选为 向皇室奉献草莓的名誉,在无限时间内请尽情自助享 受成熟的甘甜草莓。

創業100年を超えた老舗のイチゴ狩り農園。献上苺にも 選ばれた実績を持つ、成熟した甘ぁ〜いイチゴを時間無 制限の食べ放題で存分に楽しむことができます♪


Strawberry Field ストロベリーフィールド

[ADDRESS] 259 Zo, Shimizu-ku, Shizuo-ka-city, Shizuoka
[TIME]          10:00-15:00
[CLOSE]       Please check our website for more details.




-Maruichi Mizuno Seicha- Greetings from tea plantation in Nihon-Daira!

Greetings from tea plantation in Nihon-Daira!
由 日 本 平 的 茶 园 、为 您 真 心 实 意 服 务

日 本 平 の 茶 畑 からまごころ込 めて

Here in Shizuoka, a renowned popular venue as the cultivation of green tea factory visiting, this is the good chance to meet with the farmer and enjoy close communication in a countryside. Isn’t it a prestigious way to discover the world of green tea while overlooking Mt. Fuji from the best scenic viewpoint ?

Note: Please contact for a reservation 3 days in advance.

声誉茶叶的名产地静冈县,在这理您可以尝试静冈特 色的正宗绿茶工厂参观,同时可以和制茶农家亲密交 流, 体验 ”乡村游”。在此眺望富士山的绝佳位置,试一 试窥视绿茶的世界吗?

注意; 请3天之前预定

お茶の名産地、静岡ならではの本場のお茶工場見学や農家さん と直接交流を楽しめる“プチ里山体験”。富士山を望む絶好のロ ケーションでお茶の世界を覗いてみませんか?




Numbers of attendant  : 1-8 person

Duration of  tour:  aprox.  90 minutes


Green-tea factory visiting & tasting @ MARUICHI

Fresh green-tea picking ( April- September )

Dress-up in Tea-Picking girl costume ( throughout the year)

  • Costume will be provided by shop

Freshly brewed green tea ( optional /  throughout the year)




所需时间大约 90分钟

【在MARUICHI 商店 】工厂参观,品茶

【在茶园】采绿茶体验( 4-9 月份)

体验茶姑娘服装( 全年)

  • 服装有租借

另有饮料单上提供冲泡绿茶( 全年)



Eight tea farmers in Ryogouchi jointly established Green Eight -Green ∞ Cafe-

Farmers’ café Green ∞ Cafe

Eight tea farmers in Ryogouchi jointly established Green Eight. This farmers’ café is adjacent to their tea processing plant in Wadashima in Shimizu in order to promote their tea and Ryogouchi. Enjoy flavorful Japanese black tea in the woody warm atmosphere.

位于两河内( Ryo-gouchi ) 地区,Green Eight 是一 家由八家制茶农家共同设立的咖啡馆。为了介绍两河 内和这区生产的绿茶魅力,咖啡馆地址就在制茶工厂 的隔壁。在由木材修饰形成的温馨气氛下,享用着香味 扑鼻的自制「和红茶」和甜点!

両河内のお茶農家8軒が集まって立ち上げたグリーンエイ ト。両河内のお茶と土地の魅力をより多くの人に知ってもら いたいと、お茶工場の隣にカフェをオープン。木の温もりを 感じる空間で、香り高い和紅茶をスイーツと一緒に味わって!

Green Eight Cafe

[ADDRESS] 349-4 Wadashima, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city
静冈市清水区和田岛349-4 静岡市清水 区和田島349-4
[TIME] 10点-16点 10:00-16:00
[CLOSE] 每周一 毎週月曜日
[TEL] 054-395-2203


Irresistible Sushi selection [ IRI-FUNE SUSHI ]

Irresistible Sushi selection [ IRI-FUNE SUSHI ]

Located at Shimizu Sushi-Food Court in S-Plus Dream Plaza, it is a promising place where guest will be pleased by delicious Sushi and Japanese cuisine. The generous selection of established quality taste and other “a la carte “ dishes are also served.

Best recommended dish [ Seasonal Offer ]  consists of gorgeously assorted selection of seasonal Sashimi. Please enjoy the freshest Sashimi grade as well as its delicate decoration served on each plate… do not miss this experience ! 

Another highlight of this restaurant is its wide selection of Sake. The manager Mr. Kawanabe who holds a title of Sake Quality Connoisseur and  the International Sake Sommelier, recommends guests to experience the paring of even Shochu(焼酎) and wine with Sushi in addition to Sake.

The spirit of satisfying guests at the best possible level, is the key of success that this restaurant has long been beloved by people,  

Come and indulge yourself with a marriage of artisan’s handmade sushi with their selected beverage .


絶品ネタづくし「入船鮨 」 



*Seasonal selection of assorted  Sashimi ( extra special )  ¥5,000 ( tax excluded )
includes:  lobster from Ise-Bay,  Tuna (Chu-toro), snow crab

今が旬のお刺身盛り合わせ 特上盛り 5,000円(税抜)



Sake selection recommended for Sushi

“ Ga Ryu-Bai”  ¥ 1,200 (180 ml )

“ Dassai ”        ¥ 2,000 (180 ml )

“ Hatsukame”  ¥ 2,800 (180 ml )

臥龍梅  1G  1,200円 
獺祭   1G  2,000円
初亀   1G  2,800円

 Most popular! Best selection of Tuna  ¥ 3,000 ( tax excluded )

一番人気!まぐろ特選 3,000円(税抜)

Mr. Kawasumi 

Irifune Sushi S-Pluse Dream Plaza 入船鮨 

[Address] 1F Shimizu sushi lantern 13-15 Irifunechō, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city 
      静岡市清水区入船町13-15 1F 清水すし横丁 

[Open] 11:00-20:00(L.O.20:00)

[Close] Wednesday

[Tel] 054-395-8551 

[E-money 電子マネー] iD / WAON/Apple Pay/ Rakuten Pay/ nanaco / Google Pay/ ALIPAY/

[Credit card クレシットカード] VISA MASTER / JCB / AMEX / 日専連 / 銀聯 

[URL] [Instagram ID] irifunesushi1


Look over beautiful Mt.Fuji on the sea: Suruga Bay Ferry


Passing the prefectural highway 223 ( Fuji-san ) on the sea; Suruga Bay ferry with a look over the beautiful Mt.Fuji

Suruga Bay Ferry is a ferry that connects “Shimizu Port” in Shizuoka City and “Toi Port” in Izu.
“Shizuoka Prefecture Route 223 ( can be called Fuji-san in Japanese ) -Shimizu Port Toi Port Line-” is really rare as a route on the ocean. And the route was registered as one of Shizuoka prefectural road.

In order to go from Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city to Izu-city, It usually takes more than a couple of hours by car, but it only takes 65 minutes by Suruga Bay Ferry. You can enjoy a comfortable ship trip without exhausting traffic jam that can last for hours.

The sign “No. 223” of the prefectural route printed in the deck is also popular as a commemorative photography spot.
For foodies and gourmets information, a local cuisine ‘Fujimiyaki’ ( Round-shaped Cake containing red bean paste ) can be eaten only on the ferry.

↓”Suruga Bay Ferry”’s Information Is Following↓

Suruga Bay Ferry
Address 3F Marine Terminal, 10-80 Hinode-cho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka
Tel +81 054-353-2221
Open/Period Please Get Access To The Link Below.
Close Please Get Access To The Link Below.
Payment Please Get Access To The Link Below.
Reservation Needed at least 1 month before shipping.
Language Japanese, English, 中文(繁体中文, 简体中文)
Signs/Guide Japanese, English, 中文(繁体中文, 简体中文)
Website (Japanese)
Brochure (English)



駿河湾フェリー/Suruga Bay Ferry

駿河湾フェリー/Suruga Bay Ferry








住所/開催場所 静岡県静岡市清水区日の出10-80 マリンターミナル3F
Tel +81 054-353-2221
営業時間/開催期間 下記リンク先にてご確認ください。
定休日 下記リンク先にてご確認ください。
予約 出航日の1ヶ月以上前までに必要。
決済方法 下記リンク先にてご確認ください。
言語 日本語、英語、中国語(簡体字・繁体字)
標識/案内 日本語、英語、中国語(簡体字・繁体字)

SPORTS DINING THE SIX – スポーツダイニング ザ・シックス –


A new sports dinning opened in Shizuoka city center.

Let’s enjoy delicious food while watching the Rugby games !!






 11:00 – 15:00(last call 最終入店/13:30)

All-you-can-eat 90 min. including soft drink
90分食べ放題 、ソフトドリンク込み

◆ adult(大人) ¥2,000 ( including tax ) 

◆ elementary school student (小学生)  ¥1,000 ( including tax )

All-you-can-eat 90min.or kid’s meal, including soft drink
90分食べ放題 or お子様プレート、ソフトドリンク込み

◆ 3-years-old~preschool children

(3歳~小学生未満) ¥500 ( including tax)



Business hour is specially extended until 2AM during the Rugby World Cup.

All-you-can-eat 120min. including soft drink
1 2 0 分 食 べ 放 題 、ソ フ ト ド リ ン ク 込 み

◆ adult (大人) ¥3,500 (including tax)

All-you-can-drink +¥1,000
(Beer is only Shizuoka-bakushu +1,000円で飲み放題可

Special craft beer is also available for [ all you can eat ] guest ,with an additional [ drink coupon ] for JPY 1000. 食べ放題のお客様も別途ドリンクチケット購入でクラフトビールが飲める( 1枚 1,000円)

◆ elementary school student(小学生) ¥1,750 (including tax)

Drink Bar counter is available with a purchase of [drink coupon ] for JPY 1000.

◆ BAR Onlyドリンクチケット購入でBAR利用可(1枚 1,000円)

[Address] Den bill 2F,4-6, Miyukicho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken,
[Tel] +81 054-204-4888
[Credit Card] ○



Experience The unexperienced Tea Style; MARUZEN Tea Roastery



マルゼンティーロースタリー/MARUZEN Tea Roastery

提供: マルゼンティーロースタリー/MARUZEN Tea Roastery

<Experience The unexperienced Tea Styles At MARUZEN Tea Roastery>

“We Roast, Tea Finest” is a concept of stylish Tea Gelato Cafe, MARUZEN. Under the concept, MARUZEN offers you the gelato made from tea. Their tea is much different from what you think is tea, since MARUZEN roast their tea in various roasting temperatures. Probably you never tasted their original tea at all but your knowledge and senses on tea matters surely are going to be into the next level.

Have a cuppa of amazing roasted tea and experience something new at MARUZEN Tea Roastry in Shizuoka-city!

↓”MARUZEN Tea Roastery”s Information Is Following↓

MARUZEN Tea Roastery
Address 2-2-5, Gofukuchō, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city,
Tel +81 054-204-1737
Open/Period 11:00-19:00
Close Tuesdays



店内にはお茶の焙煎工房を併設、”We Roast, Tea Finest. (最高の茶葉を焙煎します)” をコンセプトに、茶葉の焙煎温度が違う、お茶の風味と色味が楽しめます。

マルゼンティーロースタリー/MARUZEN Tea Roastery

提供: マルゼンティーロースタリー/MARUZEN Tea Roastery


↓『Maruzen Tea Roastery マルゼン ティー ロースタリー』情報はこちら↓

Maruzen Tea Roastery マルゼン ティー ロースタリー
住所/開催場所 〒420-0031 静岡県静岡市葵区呉服町2丁目2−5
Tel +81 054-204-1737
営業時間/開催期間 11:00-19:00
定休日 火曜日


Safety Tips

Safety tips in Shizuoka  緊急時に役立つ災害情報 

Here are some tips to stay safety and latest information in case of natural disasters for foreign visitors.



Disaster information of Shizuoka-city  静岡市の災害情報

Disaster information of Shizuoka ( Facebook )  静岡県の災害情報



Learn about disaster information

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The information useful for When a disaster strikes and advance preparation.

JST managed by Japan National Tourism Organization ( Twitter )

Providing foreign visitors safety tips and latest information in case of natural disasters.


Safety Information App:防災アプリ

“Safety tips” Tool for obtaining information during disasters

Here are useful information and website that help you to take prompt action in case of disaster as well as usual disaster prevention measures.


Its feature is as below;

  • Provides disaster information by push notification
  • Notify various disaster-related information such as Earthquake warnings, Volcanic eruption warnings, Heat illness warnings etc.
  • Provides useful list of contacts ( embassy, tourist information )
  • Free- download application

Highlight of function:

“Earthquake notification”

Users can check detail of epicenter, epicenter depth, magnitude etc. that are calculated from past earthquake data above intensity level 3.

It is also useful for first time visitors to Japan, as users can recognize both  current location and past datas, enable them to be prepared in case of  emergency.

  • Language option


apanese, English, Korean, Chinese ( simplified/ traditional), Vietnamese, Spanish, Prtuguese, Thai, Indonesian, Tagalog, Nepali…etc


Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese ( simplified/ traditional),

Information users can get:

Earthquake warning

Weather forecasts/ warning

Volcanic warning

Heat illness warning

Evacuation advise,  Evacuation order

Information of evacuation center near user’s location

Civil protection information ( ballistic missile attack etc.)


In case disaster occurs, users can find following information :


  • Medical facilities where foreigners are accepted
  • Necessary action when disaster occurred
  • Useful communication ( questions ) cards expected at times of disaster


「Safety tips」は、観光庁の監修によって開発された災害情報を提供するアプリです。


  • 災害情報はプッシュ通知でお知らせ
  • 地震や噴火、熱中症などさまざまな情報を発信
  • 大使館の連絡先や観光案内所など、災害時に必要なサイトも掲載





  • 日本語
  • 英語
  • 韓国語
  • 中国語(簡体字・繁体字)



  • 地震情報
  • 気象情報
  • 噴火警報
  • 熱中症情報
  • 避難勧告・指示
  • 避難所情報
  • 弾道ミサイルなど国民保護情報


  • 外国人の受け入れに対応している医療機関
  • 災害時に取るべき行動
  • 災害時に想定される質問集(コミュニケーションカード)



FIEJA FREE MAGAZINE FIEJA Distribution location