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Cycle Train&Bus


Enjoy a cycling trip with a great combination of train and bus rides!



Izukyu-Line Cycle Train 伊豆急線 サイクルトレイン

A convenient service that can take your bicycle on the Izukyu-Line Cycle Train. You can cycle the places you want and the rest travelling by train.

[Valid Area] Izukyu-Line: Minami-Ito Station Izukyu Shimoda Station 

[Note] 1 bicycle per customer. Up to 6 bicycles per train.



Izuhakone Railway Cycle Train 伊豆箱根鉄道サイクルトレイン

You can take your bicycle on the Izuhakone Railway Sunzu Line. Recommended for beginners who haven’t experienced long distance cycling.

[Valid Area] Sunzu Line: Mishima – Shuzenji (Except Mishima-Hirokoji, Baraki and Makinoko)

[Note] 1 bicycle per customer. Up to 6 bicycles per train.



Tokai Bus Cycle Rack Bus 東海バス サイクルラックバス

The Bus has bicycle racks on the bus, making it easy to travel with your bikes that runs a mountain route.

[Valid Area] Amagi Line: Shuzenji Station – Kawazu Station

[Note] Can load 2 bicycles at the front of the bus and 1 bicycle inside.





The five rules for bicycle safety

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What is ONSEN?

What is ONSEN? 温泉とは?

©Trip advisor

According to the Onsen Law, an Onsen is defined as hot water and water vapor that springs from the Earth either naturally or from artificially-bored holes. The Onsen water needs to be higher than 25℃ or needs to contain one out 19 selected minerals and substances.


 We hope that everyone who will visit Japan can explore a fun onsen culture through “FIEJA”.

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Naka Izu/ Nishi Izu Cycling

3D2N Gastro & Experience eBike Tour in Izu Peninsula 

2泊3日 伊豆半島の美食を巡るeBIKEツアー

This tour is a program in which you will visit the rural areas involved in green tourism, experience the actual lifestyles in these areas such as production activities and food culture, and interact with the local people. An Englishspeaking guide will accompany you on the tour and help with the exchange. *The schedule is subject to change.




A comfortable wooden lodge that consists of 2 dormitories and 5 individual rooms. The wooden facilities are rebuilt by the staffs, who cut timbers down all by their own in the forest. It has a variety of interesting activities for guest: for example MTB experience in allied with Yamabushi Trail.




A Japanese café surrounded by trees in Amagi mountain range making you feel like you are within nature. Enjoy a Japanese sweet and matcha set in this modern Japanese style café.

天城連山の木々に囲まれ、まるで自然の中にいるような気分になれるカフェ。 モダンな和風カフェで和菓子と抹茶のセットをお楽しみ下さい。


Baird Brewery Shuzenji ベアード・ブルワリーガーデン修善寺

The brewery of “Baird Beer”. You can also drink a freshly poured beer in the taproom or relax in a camping space. A blissful spot where you can enjoy a diversity of beers.




AQUA VILLAGE / REN VILLAGE アクアビレッジ / レンビレッジ

A campsite produced by VILLAGE INC. This lone isle that can only be reached by boat has nothing but nature. Enjoy a private camp that is almost as if you were on a deserted island.

VILLAGE INCがプロデュースしたキャンプサイト。ボートでしかアクセスできない孤島は自然だけを感じる事ができる空間。 まるで無人島にいるかのようなプライベートキャンプをお楽しみください。


The Crank ザ クランク

Selective in terms of freshness, quality and origin, this crispy and light pizza is intended to be just like the pizza from Northern Italy.



Izunokuni/ Shuzenji Cycling

Izunokuni/ Shuzenji 伊豆の国/修善寺

This area is abundant with nature and historical remains. You can easily cycle whilst sightseeing, making this a great choice for beginners.

自然や歴史的遺構などが豊富なエリア。観光しながら気軽にサイクリング を楽しみたいビギナーさんにおすすめ。


Izu Velodrome 伊豆ベロドローム

An indoor circuit set in the sights of Mt.Fuji. It is the same premises as the Japan Cycle Sports Center.

富士山のふもとに位置する室内自転車競技場。 日本サイクルスポーツセンターと同じ敷地内にあります。


Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces 韮山反射炉

Historical remains of a melting furnace made from iron cannons at the end of the Edo period. It is the last existing reverberatory furnace in Japan that was operational and became a World Heritage Site in 2015.





MERIDA X BASE is the world-scale biggest facility for bicycle & exhibition, and is located in Izu peninsula, Japan. It show- cases all ranges of the latest MERIDA bike models. The dis- played bicycles can be rented for an experience, and also the huge facility can be use as a clubhouse for the cyclists.



KONA STAY コナステイ伊豆長岡

Kona Stay Izunagaoka is Japanʼs first resort hotel to offer an eBike tour package. Local people still maintain a traditional lifestyle of appreciating nature. Kona Stay offers many routes for eBikers to choose from so that participants can experience the authenticity of the local lifestyle.



trois truss トロワ トラス

A cafe owned by the gallary. We recomend trying the handmade donuts while drinking a coffee that goes perfectly well with it in this quiet cafe.





Genmai Restaurant ZENNA 玄米レストランぜんな

A restaurant filled with fresh food grown in Izu’s rich environment, such as seafood, organic vegetables and brown rice. Enjoy a healthy and delicious meal here.



East Shizuoka Activity

East Shizuoka Activity

There are plenty of activities filled with originality to do in the foothills of Mount Fuji and between the mountains in Izu all within Shizuoka Toubu area. You can casually enjoy mountain bike rides or have a fun day at the skill park.



Yamabushi Trail Tour 山伏トレイルツアー

This is the unique mountain bike tour pre- sented as a part of [Nishi-Izu old path revi- talization project ] of which path was origi- nally used for charcoal carrying in the forest.


[ADDRESS] 379-2 Matsuzaki, Matsuzaki-cho, Shizuoka 静岡県松崎町松崎379-2

[ TEL]+81(0)558 -36 -3701



Fujiyama Power-line Trail フジヤマパワーライントレイル

A MTB trail under powerlines created by TEPCO. Enjoy cycling through 7km of fields in the southern foothills of Mt Fuji. Newly opened in April 2020.

東京電力の送電線巡視路をMTBのトレイルとして整備。富士山南麓7kmの 爽快なフィールドを楽しめる。2020年4月にオープンしたばかり。

[ADDRESS] Obuchi,Fuji-city, Shizuoka 静岡県富士市大渕





A MTB Skills Park ( practice field ) dotted with camping sites and parks in Ashitaka Mountain foot. 5 minutes- drive from Numazu Interchange / Tomei Highway.


[ADDRESS] 222-1,Ashitakaonoue, Numazu-city, Shizuoka 静岡県沼津市足高尾ノ上222-1




A tourist spot in between Izu and Hakone. Experience Japan’s longest suspension bridge spanning 400m and view Mt Fuji and Surugawan Bay. Try out the Forest Adventure too!


[ADDRESS] 313 Sasaharashinden, Mishima-city, Shizuoka 静岡県三島市笹原新田313

[TEL] +81(0)55-972-0084


Numazu Cycling

沼津 Numazu

Numazu is one of Shizuoka’s most prominent port towns. Surugawa bay is the deepest sea in Japan and is famous for its rich fishing grounds. You can experience the taste of fresh fish and seafood at the fish market here.




Numazu Burger 沼津バーガー

A menu rich in ingredients unique to Numazu from the classic deep fried horse mackerel burger (Goto-chi burger), to unique deep-sea fish burgers (Shinkai-gyo burger).




VIEW-O Water Gate with Observatory 水門びゅうお

A 30m tall canal lock that was created to prevent tsunamis from entering. There is an observation deck that can be easily accessed by an elevator.




Senbon Hama Park 千本浜公園

Numazu’s famous park covered in pine forests. The breakwater cycling road is perfect for a light cycle.




MINATO 83 港八十三番地

There’s plenty of food here such as fresh sushi, grilled seafood, donburi and hamburgers that will surely satisfy you. There are nine facilities including “Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium” the only deep sea aquarium in Japan.




Anpan Epi あんぱん専門 恵比

An anpan specialty shop close to Numazu bay. There are 8 different red bean paste types to choose from such as the classic red bean, white bean and even sweet potato.




Numazu Fishmarket Taproom Baird Beer

沼津フィッシュマーケット タップルーム ベアードビール

Having many stores in Tokyo and well known by craft beer lovers, “Baird Beer” was born here. Indulge in a great beer whilst you’re there.




Kamome Maru かもめ丸

A fish restaurant opposite the fish market. Enjoy a variety of choices at a reasonable price such as Ten-don(Tempura Bowl) and a filling fried fish meal.

魚市場の向かいにある魚介料理のお店。 メニューが豊富で天丼やフライ盛り合わせ定食などをリーズナブルな価格でいただける。


Mishima/ Shimizu Cycling

Mishima/ Shimizu 三島/清水町

Mt Fuji’s underground water is found in many places in Mishima, thus, giving it the name “the city of waters”. There are many delicacies you can enjoy in Mishima such as Mishima Eels and Mishima croquettes. You can appreciate the many streams in the city whilst cycling. 



Kakita River Park 柿田川公園

Kakita River is a nationally designated natural monument and was born from Mount Fuji’s melted snow over the course of many years. The crystal clear waters will surely take your breath away.



Genbei River 源平川 

Genbe river, which runs through the center of Mishima, has become the city’s symbol. It’s beauty has led to it being used as a filming location for many TV shows. A nice place to have a small break from cycling.





Harenohi Cycle ハレノヒサイクル

A bicycle sharing service that lets you borrow and easily return electrical bicycles at designated stations by simply downloading the app on your smartphone.




A minute walk from Mishima Station’s south exit and easily allows you to take part in many outdoor activities. You can also have a relaxing bath on the top floor’s hot spring facility.




#dilettante cafe ディレッタントカフェ

Enjoy an Italian lunch made with local produce, such as vegetables, fresh fish and seafood cought in Numazu bay, whilst listening to the sound of the river stream.



Unagi Sakuraya うなぎ 桜家

Using a sauce with a secret recipe since establishment, this eel tastes deliciously smokey and tender.



irodori イロドリ

A 90 year old terrace house in Izu Kannami, refurbished into a cake shop. Each cake is created without any compromising in terms of taste or appearance.



Mishima-taisha Shrine 三島大社

Izu’s most famous shrine which Minamoto no Yoritomo visited before winning battle. Many people visit this shrine all year round to bring in good luck for harvests and business.




Fuji/ Fujinomiya Cycling

Fuji/ Fujinomiya 富士/富士宮

A tour course going up Fujikawa, one of the top 3 fastest rivers in Japan, enjoying a panoramic scenery of tea fields, then finally seeing a magnificent view of Mount Fuji from Lake Tanuki and Asagiri Kougen.



Asagiri plateau 朝霧高原 

No matter the season, Asagiri Kougen has a beautiful view of greenery and cattle. You can now rent an E-BIKE from Asagiri Food Park, Makai Farm, Fuji Milkland and Fumotoppara.



Roadside Rest Area FUJIKAWA-RAKUZA 富士川楽座 

This roadside station can be accessed through either the highway or local roads. Dine at the restaurants that serve the local cuisine, or simply enjoy a nice little rest stop.



Mt.Fuji Brewing Mt.FujiBrewing マウント・フジ・ブリューイング 

Taste delicious craft beers made using Mount Fuji’s natural spring water and enjoy some delicacies that you can only experience here.




Lake Tanuki 田貫湖 

A lake so famous and popular for its beautiful scenery of “Diamond Fuji” which is a combination of Mt.fuji and the sunrise from atop.



En-Ya Mt. Fuji Ecotours 縁や 

Exploring Mt Fuji by E-bike in this unique ecotour. The local guide shows the nature and wildlife of Mt.Fuji in the National Park. After the cycling, relax at the glamping site while enjoying the magnificent view of Mt.Fuji.



Shiraito Falls 白糸の滝 

A magnificent and somehow divine waterfall, which is recognized as one of the assets of Fujisan, the world heritage site.



Mt.Fuji World Heritage Centre, Shizuoka 静岡県富士山世界遺産センター

The spectacular wooden building is shaped like an upside down Mt Fuji, and the exhibition hall is a round slope. You can learn about the history, culture and nature whilst walking on the slope, making it seem like you’re climbing Mt Fuji.



Guest House Mt.Fuji Kikusui 富士山ゲストハウス掬水

A guesthouse renovated from a long-established Kappo Ryokan. It also rents E-BIKEs to make your trip to the Asagiri Plateau and the 5th station of Mt. Fuji.



Omiya Yokocho お宮横丁 

A complex facility of shops and stores located right in front of Hongu Sengen Taisha and offers you local food and sweets.




Gotemba/ Susono/ Oyama Cycling

Gotemba/ Susono/ Oyama 御殿場/裾野/小山

Enjoy a lap around Gotemba, Susono and Oyama, the 2 cities and town.



Hitoyasumi no niwa ひとやすみの庭

On the outside, the café looks like it’s from a fairy tale and has a beautiful garden. Enjoy a lunch plate filled with vegetables or a homemade dessert.



Gotemba MTB & RUN Park FUTAGO 御殿場MTB&ランパーク フタゴ

The uneven ground and rough surfaces are easy enough to enjoy and appeal to many. You can also rent a mountain bike and shoes.



Bakery Biquette ベーカリービケット

Delicious fluffy bread made with highly selective domestic wheat and fresh water from Mt Fuji and baked in an Mt Fuji lava kiln oven.




Goryu Waterfall 五竜の滝

Goryu Waterfall is a certified Shizuoka Prefecture Natural Monument and gets its name from its 5 streams. We recommend viewing it from the rope bridge inside the park.





A new park facility in Gotemba, the rooftop terrace allows a great view of Mount Fuji. In the “Amazora Theatre” you can experience a screening of Mount Fuji throughout the four seasons.



SUBASHIRI Roadside Station 道の駅すばしり

A place to relax after sightseeing Mount Fuji. Wash away your sweat after cycling and enjoy a peaceful bath in Subashiri Onsen Tenkei.




Fuji International Speedway 富士スピードウェイ

An international circuit that holds large scale international races such as, the FIA World Endurance Championship, Super GT and the Super Formula Championship.




Bike Rental Spot

Bike Rental Spot 

The cyclist friendly Toubu Area has a growing number of bicycle rental services you can access. With plenty of models such as electric bikes and sports bikes to choose from, you can enjoy a light cycle whilst you sight-see or have a more intense long cycle depending on your preference. 



NUMAZU Cycle Station Shizuura Higashi 沼津サイクルステーション 静浦東

Roadside Station Kurura HEDA 道の駅 くるら戸田

Harenohi Cycle ハレノヒサイクル

ATAMI-Tricycle 熱海トライサイクル

※誌面訂正:OPEN 9:30-18:00 (9:30-17:00 Nov. to Mar.)



Izu Velo いずベロ


Izu Gateway Kannami 道の駅 伊豆ゲートウェイ函南

MERIDA xperience Centre メリダ エクスペリエンスセンター)


T(tea)ー1Grand-Prix in Shizuoka 初のオンライン開催!




 T-1グランプリ in 静岡市

Winning the title of  TEA PROFESSIONAL !

T( tea ) -1 GRAND-PRIX in Shizuoka city to be held online 



20212月、静岡市内の小学36年生がお茶の総合的な知識を競う「T (tea) -1 グランプリ」in 静岡市は、何と他県に先駆けてオンラインで選手権を開催します!

*申込み受付は既に終了しました。The application was closed.

This is the first-time challenge for the organizer of the ” T( tea) -1 Grand-Prix ” ( a competition of junior tea professionals held in Shizuoka city )  to prepare the event online, with non- on site  gathering, non- face-to-face tasting of green-tea.  And so far, no similar events are held outside Shizuoka prefecture this year due to the impact of COVID-19 .

Every year, this unique annual competition invites local primary school students aged between 8-12 in Shizuoka city for participation, and many  young boys and girls who like drinking Japanese green tea ( also ambitious for the gorgeous prize, ) compete their knowledge and a tea -brewing skill in a surprising high level.



*申し込み受付は既に終了しました。The application was closed.










T-1 Grand-Prix was originally launched in Miyazaki prefecture in 2007, it is  a famous place also known for its green tea harvest. The competition has been held continuously in many tea production regions across the nation.

As the people’s general character in central Shizuoka prefecture is known for a moderate and less aggressive attitude. However, we would like to say out loud proudly, which is:  this online tea competition is somehow unprecedented,  and probably no other group has ever organized junior tea challenge competitions ONLINE.   It must be a tough decision for organizers to switch the event venue to a full- online style,  as the competition is widely depending on the sense of tasting, viewing etc. in addition to the requirement of general knowledge of Japanese tea.  At the same time, this is also a popular local event for families to stay familiar with green tea .

In order to win the championship or getting higher scores on  both general knowledge questions or practical skills, challengers visit tea shops and companies in their neighborhood, to ask for their professional advise or useful advises on how to pour green  in an ideal manner.  Therefore, you can imagine how high the required level will be !   The challengers are judged in the categories of  visual sorts of tea, tasting the quality, as well as the proper process of pouring ‘ leaf green tea ‘ by a teapot in front of the judge.

Even though the recent situation was difficult for the organizer to follow the same way to proceed the T-1 grand-prix competition,  they made a brave decision to try a new tool  to keep this annual event going forward, because the young generation is their hope to pass this [ Japanese tea culture ] down to the future. Also, quite a few numbers of young students are looking forward to joining this special event! 



( T-1グランプリ in  静岡2020。これは「外観審査」と呼ばれる、お茶の種類を見た目から当てる審査の様子。)

T-1 Grand-Prix in Shizuoka 2020;  challengers must tell the right kinds of various green tea at the competition hall. 




During the competition of actual tea brewing, challengers had to be judged their skills by ‘ merciless ‘ tea professionals in the quiet, serious ambience.


T-1グランプリ2020年2月、茶市場に集まった挑戦者の皆さんと、ご協力頂いた大勢の方々。 Photo of participants and supporters at Shizuoka tea trading center



As the trial of online T-1 Grand-Prix event is unprecedented one, probably the result is going to be a good example as  a part of alternative ways in a limited occasion, no matter whether it is due to the pandemic reason or other factors.  In fact, this new style of events may become  a useful practice for organizing various events in the future with  a possible network making across non- geological boundaries, and reducing the limit of capacity in some ways.




Event date:  Feb 13 ( Sat ), 2021 

(申し込みは終了しました/ Application closed )


Challengers will receive online Q & A  regarding the history & the knowledge of tea, prior to the next step of the online- practice competition. 

Zoomを使ったオンライン実技競技開催/ Online competition; 13:00-16:00

主催:T-1グランプリ in 静岡市実行委員会


Event organized by: Shizuoka city- T-1 Grand-Prix organizer  association

Supported by: Shizuoka tea merchant business union, Shizuoka  prefectural tea industry youth association, JA Shizuoka, JA Shimizu, Cha no machi concierge, NPO NIHON-CHA instructor association ( Shizuoka ) 





  In Shizuoka city,  members of the organizer mainly consists of the professionals of Japanese tea blenders/distributors from the famous tea distribution district, called CHA MACHI in Shizuoka city.  Do drop off at the website of

to explore the unique history of CHAMACHI.  Walking tour is also available, too.




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