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Traditional “Ume” Watching; 22nd Nihon-daira Plain Plum Festival 一足早い春!富士山と美しい梅を奏でる♪ 第22回日本平梅まつり

Traditional “Ume” Watching; 22nd Nihon-daira Plain Plum Festival
The English Version Is Above/日本語は下記   [English]

<Enjoy Early Spring With A Breathtaking Scenery Of Mt.Fuji and cute Plums!>

  You might think that Sakura is the most beautiful characteristic in Spring in Japan. But so is Plum which is what the Japanese calls, “Ume”.
日本平観光協会/Nihondaira Plain Tourism Bureau

提供: 日本平観光協会/Nihondaira Plain Tourism Bureau

A Plum Festival is going to be held at Nihondaira Plum Garden upon the top of Nihon-daira Plain. Approximately 350 plums of kinds such as white plums, reddish plums, wintersweets are there to make the scenery of seasonal Mt.Fuji magnificent. In the festival, you can enjoy experiencing something interesting; drinking Japanese Plums Juice, eating Elephant Foot or Konjac in Oden, and an exhibition of Japanese Poems and for some fees, you also can have a tea ceremony. At night, there are some light-ups as well. Let us go to enjoy new-found attractiveness of Japanese Plums! ↓”22nd Nihon-daira Plain Plum Festival”’s Information Is Following↓
22nd Nihon-daira Plain Plum Festival
Address Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city
Tel +81 054-388-9181
Open/Period 11:00-20:00 on Mar 2nd, 2019
Payment No-fee
Language Japanese
Signs/Guide Japanese
Other To Be Held Under A Rainy Weather


第22回日本平梅まつり 2019年3月2日(土) 日本平山頂にある日本平梅園では、梅の見頃に合わせ、3月2日(土)11時〜20時 に「梅まつり」を実施。 白梅・紅梅に加え、蝋梅など、約350本の梅が咲き誇り、四季折々に表情を変える富士山の眺望と梅の花を楽しむことができます。 梅ジュースの試飲やおでんこんにゃくの無料サービス、お茶席(有料)などが行われるほか、川柳作品も掲示されます。 また、梅まつり開催当日は、夜間ライトアップも。一足先に、桜とはまた違った魅力のある梅の花を見に、出かけてみませんか? ↓『第22回日本平梅まつり』の情報はこちら↓
住所/開催場所 静岡市清水区
Tel +81 054-388-9181
営業時間/開催期間 2019/3/2  11:00-20:00
入場料 無料
言語 日本語
標識/案内 日本語
その他 雨天決行
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