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Romantic Events Of Shimada Terrace 2018 「シマダテラス」大切な人と魅力的なイルミネーションを!

Romantic Events Of Shimada Terrace 2018

The English Version Is Above/日本語は下記



Hang Out At Shimada Terrace With Your Friends Or Family!

提供: シマダテラス
シマダテラス2018/Shimada Terrace 2018

Limitedly from Sep. 29 2018 to Feb. 17 2019, Shimada Terrace is open at the north entrance of JR Shimada Station!
Romantic, warm-feeling orange light-ups are seen in front of the station every single day!

Not only that, fancy events such as marches and Music concerts are held almost every month.
Have a happy good time with your partner/spouse, family, and friends in the events!
For more details, please go to access the link below!

↓This Event’s Information Is Following↓

Shimada Terrace 2018
Place At The North Exit Of JR Shimada Station
Period Sep. 29 2018 – Feb. 17 2019
Admission No-fee
Language Japanese
Signs/Guide Japanese
Other In The Duration Of the Period, Everyday from 17:00 to 22:00, there are illumination lights-up at the north exit of Shimada Station.
Website ( No English )



提供: シマダテラス
シマダテラス2018/Shimada Terrace 2018






シマダテラス 2018
開催場所 JR 島田駅北口
開催期間 9月29日(土)から2019年2月17日
入場料 無料
言語 日本語
標識/案内 日本語
その他 JR島田駅北口では、シマダテラス開催期間中、毎日17:00~22:00にライトアップを実施しています。


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