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【SHIMIZU】Thriving With Tuna, Maguro/与金枪鱼共同发展的城市”清水” マグロとともに歩むまち「SHIMIZU」

【SHIMIZU】Thriving With Tuna, Maguro/与金枪鱼共同发展的城市”清水”

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<Shimizu, Thriving With Tuna, Maguro! 与金枪鱼共同发展的城市”清水”>

Port Of Shimizu is top for its biggest amount of fish trade in Japan. Surprisingly a half all the amount of fish consumed by The Japanese is caught and taken to the port.
Quite a few tuna or Maguro in Japanese is taken from all over the world to the port which, is one of the world’s leading hub for deep-sea fishing.
Also, “Shimizu” in which the port is based has been wildly known as “Mecca Of Maguro” as the amount of the trade of frozen fish such as Maguro in the port has been increasing in the course of the development of refrigeration technology.



<Maguro In Japanese Life –Through Centuries 金枪鱼和日本人 〜超越时代〜>

The appearance of Maguro in Japan History can be found in the Jomon Period(B.C. 14,000 – A.C. 300) as food supplies, which back then was unique to Japan. However, nowadays Maguro has earned its definite role not only in Japanese cuisine but also as a luxury food that is enjoyed in many different ways all over the world.







<マグロと日本人 〜時代を超えて〜>




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