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Shizuoka City Serizawa Keisuke Art Museum, Sekisui-Kan(Stone-Water house) 遺跡の中に佇む。石、水、木で構成された「静岡市立芹沢銈介美術館」

Shizuoka City Serizawa Keisuke Art Museum, Sekisui-Kan(Stone-Water house)

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Shizuoka Serizawa Museum is a museum constructed with stone, water, and wood inside the remains.
An Artist, Keisuke Serizawa(1895-1984), born in Hon-tori, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka city, created many outstanding dyeing artworks known for its fresh, creative and innovative products. He donated his artworks and corrections to Shizuoka city. With this as a start, this museum opened in 1987 introducing Serizawa’s art through expositions, corrections, and researches.

芹沢美術館/Serizawa Museum

芹沢美術館/Serizawa Museum

The Museum was designed by an architect Mr. Koichi Shirai(1905-1983). It stands at the corner of Toro remains, which is a famous architectural remain of the Yayoi period (B.C. 10 – B.C. 3). The building blends in with the natural surroundings of Toro as it is constructed with selected stone, wood and water, and therefore was counted as one of the masterpieces of Mr. Shirai.

芹沢美術館/Serizawa Museum

芹沢美術館/Serizawa Museum

Piled substantial feeling wall, gentle slope rooftop with copper plate, a white oak coffered ceiling of exposition room surround the pond. These three items make the space special and relaxing.

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Serizawa Museum
Address 5-10-5 Toro, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka
Tel +81  054-282-5522
Open 9:00 – 16:30
Close Mondays, 12/24 – 1/4
Language Japanese
Sign English
Website (Japanese)
Access 3 minutes on foot from JR Shimizu station east exit.
10 minutes on foot from Shizutetsu Shin-shimizu Station.
10 minutes by car from Shimizu IC.




芹沢美術館/Serizawa Museum

芹沢美術館/Serizawa Museum


明治28年(1895)現在の静岡市葵区本通に生まれた芹沢銈介(1895 – 1984) は、従来の染色の枠組みにとらわれない新鮮で創意あふれる作品を次々と制作しました。

静岡市に作品とコレクションを寄贈したことを機に美術館が建設され、昭和 56年(1981)の開館以来、様々な企画展示、作品の保存収集、調査研究を通して、芹沢の芸術を広く紹介しています。

芹沢美術館/Serizawa Museum

芹沢美術館/Serizawa Museum

芹沢美術館は、建築家白井晟一( 1905 – 1983 )による設計 。弥生時代の遺跡として名高い登呂公園の一隅に位置。

その遺跡の雰囲気に自然に融け込むように、石、 木、水という天然素材を選んで構成され、白井晟一の個性が遺憾なく発揮された代表作となっています。





住所 静岡県静岡市駿河区登呂五丁目10-5
Tel +81 054-282-5522
営業時間 09:00 – 16:30
定休日 毎週月曜、祝日の翌日、展示替期間中(年3回)、年末年始
言語 日本語
その他 「芹沢銈介の家」: 毎週日曜、祝日に公開(8月は毎週土曜日も公開)


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