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Experience Tea Of The unexperienced; MARUZEN Tea Roastery 世界初!茶葉の焙煎温度が選べるティージェラートカフェ。

Experience Tea Of The unexperienced; MARUZEN Tea Roastery

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MARUZEN Tea Roastery

提供: マルゼンティーロースタリー/MARUZEN Tea Roastery

<Experience Tea Of The unexperienced At MARUZEN Tea Roastery>

“We Roast, Tea Finest” is a stylish Tea Gelato Cafe, MARUZEN’s concept. Under that concept, MARUZEN offers you gelato made from tea. Their tea is much different from what you think is tea since MARUZEN roast tea in various roasting temperatures. Probably you never tasted their original tea at all but your knowledge and senses on tea matters surely are going to be into the next level.

Have a cuppa of amazing roasted and experience something new at MARUZEN Tea Roastry in Shizuoka-city!

↓This Shop Information Is Following↓

MARUZEN Tea Roastery
Address 2-2-5, Gofukuchō, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-city,
Tel +81 054-204-1737
Open/Period 11:00-19:00
Close Tuesdays


Maruzen Tea Roastery  マルゼンティーロースタリー


店内にはお茶の焙煎工房を併設、”We Roast, Tea Finest. (最高の茶葉を焙煎します)” をコンセプトに、茶葉の焙煎温度が違う、お茶の風味と色味が楽しめます。

提供: マルゼンティーロースタリー/MARUZEN Tea Roastery



Maruzen Tea Roastery  マルゼン ティー ロースタリー
住所/開催場所 〒420-0031 静岡県静岡市葵区呉服町2丁目2−5
Tel +81 054-204-1737
営業時間/開催期間 11:00-19:00
定休日 火曜日

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