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【Asset No.25 Of Mt.Fuji】One Of New Top Three Sights In Japan; “Miho-no-Matsubara” 【世界遺産『富士山』構成資産No.25】駿河湾と松林 、富士山が織りなす景色 「三保松原」

【Asset No.25 Of Mt.Fuji】One Of New Top Three Sights In Japan; “Miho-no-Matsubara”

The English Version Is Above/日本語は下記



<Visit Miho-no-Matsubara” to catch a look of the world-class beautiful scenery of Suruga Bay, pine-tree forest and Mt. Fuji!>

A story has been handed down from generation to generation. The story is about an Angel (called “Tennyo” heavenly maiden) that had come down from heaven to see the scenery.
Miho-no-Matsubara is one of the so-called “new top three sights in Japan”.

Since centuries ago, people in Japan have created poems, songs, and pictures for the beautiful sight as an icon of Japanese culture.


提供: 静岡県観光協会/Shizuoka Tourism Bureau

In the corner of the scenery, there is a pine tree that is believed to be described in the legendary story of the angel.

A stage of Noh (Japanese traditional performance) titled “Miho-no Hagoromo” is performed in front of the pine tree in October every year.

As sacred spots, Miho shrine and “Kamino-Michi(A road of the god)” are popular and they are located around Miho-no-Matsubara as well.

It is counted as one of the assets of a world heritage site, “Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration”.

↓This Event’s Information Is Following↓

Inquiries To Shizuoka Prefectural Civil Engineering Office
Tel For Inquires +81 054-286-9306
Payment No-fee
Language Japanese, English
Signs/Guide Japanese, English
Access [By Car]

About 30 mins by car from Shimizu IC of Tomei Expressway.

[By Train, Bus, And Walk]

  1. JR Shimizu Station
  2. Shizutetsu Bus Miho-Yamanote Line Stop At “Miho-Matsubara Iriguchi”
  3. Walking(20 mins)
Other Parking Lots Are Available
Website (Japanese)


<駿河湾と松林 、富士山が織りなす景色 「三保松原」天女が舞い降りたと伝えられる美しさ>

日本新三景の一つで、その美しさに天女が舞い降りたと伝えられる 、三保の松原。

駿河湾と松林 、富士山が織りなすその景色は、古くから、和歌や謡曲、絵画に表現されてきました。松原の一角にある、天女伝説で知られる羽衣の松の前では、毎年10月に三保羽衣薪能が催されます。


提供: 静岡県観光協会/Shizuoka Tourism Bureau



お問い合わせ先 静岡県交通基盤部静岡土木事務所
Tel +81 054-286-9306
料金 入場料無料
言語 日本語、英語
標識/案内 日本語、英語
アクセス方法 [車でお越しの場合]



  1. JR静岡駅から東海道線でJR清水駅下車
  2. JR清水駅からバス三保山の手線で約25分「三保松原入口下車」
  3.  徒歩約20分
その他 駐車場あり

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